Dominus Blakesley​{Amaris Anc}
dom male

United States
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In a monogamous relationship
About me
Breaking in my submissive in training.
Dominant-Sadist-Master (should I deserve the title from my lover)-Brat Tamer-Primal-Gorean Enthusiast
Serious when appropriate, playful when appropriate
Male and monogamous 

Bondage-Discipline, Dominance-submission, SadoMassochism....they revolve on this: While Dominants have power, the submissives provide it given trust and care. Dominants provide direction as submissives drive the Contract. BDSM relies heavily on trust and careful in depth knowledge of methods and each other. BDSM requires thorough research in itself, its roles, tools, plays...all of it. Take care when stepping into this world, for it is easy to hurt both yourself and others (and not in the good way) without thorough research and proper caution. Play safe, play sane, play with conesent, and play well. 
BDSM and me
I was mentored for two, nearly three years and have been in BDSM in general for five, nearly six. Not open or receptive to new relationships as I am currently Contracted to my lover, though I am open and am willing for banter and casual play here. A bit of honest fun never hurts, just please do not attempt to make it anything more than that. My lover is Amaris Ancilla should you wish to go make sure it is okay with her first before interacting with me. Everyone is welcome, no matter your role or preference.
"I just know there is something dark in me and I hide it. I certainly do not talk about it, but it is there always, this.. dark passenger. And when he is driving, I feel alive, half sick with the thrill of complete wrongness. I do not fight him, I do not want to. And when I connect with him, me, I know what I want..Danger and play. I have a woman for that reason, for she is the most dangerous plaything." Love you, Amaris, thinking of you.

My limits are those of my lover's, until I can help her grow past them and make room for more adventures in our play. So long as you hold trust and communication with an open mind, there are truly no limits.

What's new
Hm....Made a family here on this site, found that I have a penchant for drinking then joining chat to make an absolute fool of myself (because why not, at least the audience loves it), and that littles and brats like to give me a straining time in chat (looking at you, you know who you all are, heh). 

Special Mentions--My close circle of family and friends (all of whom are great people that you should not be afraid to get to know)

Gia Farah and Lady Pheonix--Ferocious kajira of a tigris...Play nice and you *may* receive her approval in return. Her Domina is highly admirable and respectable, tread carefully lest risk her eye on you.
TnJoker--My first mate and one of the most heartfelt people you will ever meet. 
Lady Kyrie--Funny, amicable, and passionate. Watch out for her dark side.
Intriguedlittle--A bratty little who *will* bite if provoked, approach with respect and a proper attitude. 
Wolfy13 and DarkFox--Cute couple who do not deserve wronging. 
Datastreamcowboy--Careful, funny, and down to earth woodworker, probably one of the most open minded people you will meet.
Anakha-Quiet mostly, but never an unpleasant one.
AmberRising-She forced her way in.
HisRedd-Sweet heart, tries to find the best in others. 
Fen'Harel and Shiro-These two are practically my mirrors in this life, and they share some of the best values in this life I have seen.
MasterFox and Riddledkitten-Amazing and sweet dynamic that is similar to my own, and some of the most supportive (of each other) couples I have ever met.

*All of these mentioned are looked after and cared for. I would not try crossing any one of these lovely people.*

Special Mentions--People I have come across and are on good terms with, despite not knowing them too well.

DrWakko--Funny, if not, crude. You can always expect him to be around.
Silentium--Good sort, especially funny when drunk (kindred spirits, he and I)
SweetSirRendering--Sweet just as the name implies and very good-natured.
AnonymousAuthor--Seriously look into his chats, I always get a good laugh
PappaBear--Great character all around
poppetonachain--Fun sort, never expect anything but all smiles
Satin Silhouette and rosethorn--Fun sorts, absolute brats of submissives. I would be hardpressed to go after either of them if you wish for total domination.

....and more. I apologize if I have missed you in this list, those of you who have come across and have enjoyed discussing with me, but you all know who you are and I respect and enjoy your presences just as much as all of the mentioned.

Final Special Mention
Amaris Ancilla...Had it not been for you, I would not be on this earth or expanding my comfort zone around others. Thank you so much, dear, for your love, I only hope to give enough of all of me in return..if not, then more. As for the rest of you, be envious, heh, she is mine as I am hers. 

Thank you those of you who have taken your time to read this deeply into my profile, may we all have good times and share great things on The Cage for as long as it exists. 

-Dominus Blakesley
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Monday, December 31, 2018
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Friday, November 30, 2018
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