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Greetings to all potential Gentlemen

Attention to all submissive....Remember you are as important as the person you serve!!!  ? I can't stand a submissive gentleman being taken for granted. I see submissive gentlemen as gift and not useless trash.  Once again darlings...YOU ARE IMPORTANT TOO!!!

UPDATE 2/2019
I AM not here to feed your fetishes...only message me if you really are interested in meeting me. If I didn't message you...most likely I realized you have no manners or YOU did NOT read my can you say you will obey me and you can't even take the time to read my profile. (TRUST ME I  AM DEFINITELY READING YOUR PROFILE AND WILL ALWAYS GIVE YOU RESPECT!) ☹?? I  only accept gentlemen who understand that being submissive does not mean they are only a fucking partners or a doormats. Maybe that what SOME Femdoms want...but this lady here does not!!!
Other then that carry on and read below.

Before I continue...heres a few things  to know before contacting me.

***Update 2/18/2019****
Please read my profile first!!
Also if you are really interested in meeting me ..You now MUST send a greetings to my kik account!!! ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! Unfortunately too many fakes on here. Other then that...continue reading below. 

● YOU MUST BE IN CALIFORNIA!!! (unless you are willing to come to me) and you must only be seeking a monogamous relationship with me. This lady here does not like to share. 

●You must be 30 or older!!!!

●You MUST come as a Gentleman, I do not want hear about your sexual desires right off.  It is a shame I even have to say that. But most submissive and switch gentlemen know this already. I will always give you respect and you will definitely give me respect .
I want your mind, body and soul or nothing at ALL!
●Only contact me if you got yourself together. I AM NOT HERE TO HOST YOU OR TAKE CARE OF YOU!!! Also I am not here seeking a man who can financially take care of me. That's is what fakes and scammers do. 
● Also I am a loving GODDESS with dominant  ways. I not with the all that be bad and I will reward you b.s...Please seek other ladies if you want that. You only get reward by being a gentleman and then if me and you click mentally and our souls enjoy each other ...then we can take it from there. I will admit behind close doors I am totally different .??
*Remember potential Submissive and Switch or any are just as important as the person you seek. Respect, Honesty  and Trust is a must from both parties** Only strong people can handle your role of submission and they should understand your submission to them is a Privilege and not their Right!

ONCE AGAIN: You must be in CALIFORNIA and serious minded gentlemen only !! I need a real life connection near by.

Other then that I  wish you all the best.
Soul Goddess
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Monday, April 22, 2019
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