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Stockton, California, United States
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About me
Always on the go.
Attention whore.
Not your average or typical  lady.
Yes I have purple hair, wait not now. Now its a mixture.
I have tattoos I may post pictures 1 day just not today.
Not into politics for either side.
Nice till you fucking hurt me, yes I cuss too.
Sarcastic smartass, it's in my blood.
Not willing to relocate at this point.  May consider it in the future. 
I'm sensitive and emotional have been forever.

So... I work more that full time, and I go to school. I am quite busy. I can easily get myself doing to much. I am trying to improve myself for myself.  I can not ask anyone to wait for me to finish school, probably couple years.
BDSM and me
I have recently learned my love for rope. I do need a day to recover from the high. Wood paddles and riding crops make me smile. The paddle in the picture is mine. I know the maker, honored to have a piece of his work. Restraints are a favorite as well as other things. No doubt I'm submissive,  not a brat,  just playful sassy.
Soft limits/Curious
flesh hooks   this is a soft at the moment. Fire. Wax. 

Hard limits
Scat, urine, blood, degradation, humiliation, children, animals, illegal things.
What's new
I'm really busy. Wish I had time to chat with people. If for some strange reason I do chat with you, most likely because of something you said that really caught my attention, I'm likely to flirt. I love to flirt. And I can easily be a tease. You've been warned.
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Tuesday, July 2, 2019
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Thursday, December 13, 2018
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