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I am one hundred percent not all there. I actually do not recall a time where I was.

My perception of reality is distorted. My perception of the truth comes in the form of hallucinations.

I daydream. I imagine that He will touch me. I imagine that He will never let me leave his side. I imagine He’s always watching. I imagine that He will never hurt me, unless of course I beg Him to.

See, the thing is: These will never happen. He doesn’t exist. He is only real in the realm of my mind. I believe that is the saddest part: the constant awareness that I reside in delusions.

It’s safe in there, my mind. It’s fun in there, my mind. It’s disgusting in there, my mind.

Out here?
BDSM and me
No, tell me about BDSM and you. Tell me anything. Please?
Dishonesty. Scat. Illegal activities. Race play.
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Still actively hallucinating. Still making mistakes. Still craving the dark. Still begging.
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Aug 15, 2022
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Dec 20, 2018
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