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Do you know how hard it is to fill out the "About Me" section in a profile? I have typed, deleted, and retyped about a thousand times over and I still can't seem to get my words together. This is so difficult. Do I talk about how old I am (21)? Do I talk about my love for writing? Do I talk about my love for books (especially erotica.)? Do I talk about my race (African-American)? Do I talk about my love for music (all types!)? Do I talk about my morbid sense of humor? Do I talk about my hate for pickles and pineapples on pizza (seriously.)? Do I talk about my realist, but not pessimistic, outlook on life? Do I talk about my love of laughter and corny jokes (the cornier the better)? Help me! What do I talk about???
BDSM and me
I am a novice to BDSM but I crave to submit. I am a submissive. I want to say that I am a cross between a baby girl and service submissive. My main goal is to please my Dom. Whether my tasks are of a sexual nature or a domestic nature, I want Him to pleased by my work. I seek a firm hand, but a gentle voice. I seek discipline, but guidance.
I have close to no real life experience in a d/s relationship. I yearn to have one, but I require a high level of trust first. I've been burned before, so let's just say that I've learned not to stick my hand directly into the flames.
I hope to find a Dom that is also a companion, a best friend, someone who I can spend time with outside the four walls of our bedroom.
Blood play, scat, underage, illegal activities.
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Wednesday, March 6, 2019
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