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...and some will bring out the BEAST in you... 

I stand 5'9'' b 200 lbs, Athletic/stocky build with belly, full facial beard, shoulder length reddish brown hair (recently cut and donated for children with cancer, usually grown to around one foot specifically for this purpose,) Hazel eyes which often change with mood, A few tattoos, No piercings. 

Strictly Heterosexual. 

I reside in the Northwest Metropolitan Atlanta Area. My own home, live alone. 

I enjoy meeting like-minded friends as well as reading posts & blogs when I've the time. 
I'm here primarily to post my poems, erotic short stories and music videos.

Now, here's the scoop: I'm a disabled veteran on Social Security and own my own home-based business, though it's more of a hobby. My business takes me annually to mingle with astronauts from the Gemini & Apollo Missions through the Space Shuttle Program. I'm also a philanthropist who's made donations to a total of seven prominent American Museums...two of these twice. 

My disability is clinical depression and schizophrenia. I'm not on meds because after two years with no desirable results I'd been rendered "untreatable." While Meds may work for some individuals, they may not work for others. The dual diagnosis renders Meds ineffective.

No biggie: I grew weary of being a guinea pig for Big Pharma anyway. Thus my feelings are such: "It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

BDSM and me
[So, I've discovered through time as a newbie here on The Cage that editing to add more information to my profile is an on-going necessity] 


A Loving Dominant Man who enjoys many activities within the BDSM Community, (nothing too extreme,) having experience in bondage, teasing, spanking, canes, crops, floggers, clamps, toys, semi-public activities, erotic humiliation, fetishes, oral, vaginal, non-monogamous, and anal.  

Just because I may enjoy an activity doesn't mean I'll force it on my sub. I respect boundaries and limits. My pleasure is derived from meeting her needs.

I'd like My submissive to be very feminine for her Sir, wearing dresses or skirts and sexy panties if any at all for Him, and often stockings & garter belts or pantyhose depending on mood, and heels when practical.

I am sexually attracted to physically fit women. 

I enjoy erotic online chat, have experience and very much enjoy and am open to erotic telephone conversations. 

I first became Aware of a woman's special submissive BDSM needs through the process of dating four different women later in my life (early thirties through mid forties.) The experiences grew more complex with each woman...which both further intrigued me and challenged me.
Starting with spanking and light bondage with scarves (see my blog "The Dark Garden,") and leading up to full blown leather restraints, riding crops, floggers, fantasy exploration. (Please see my 3 blogs "Make It Real-A Fantasy.")

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100% Dominant
99% Degrader
99% Primal (Hunter)
99% Sadist
97% Rigger
97% Brat tamer
95% Master
87% Voyeur
80% Owner
75% Experimentalist
75% Daddy
70% Exhibitionist
67% Non-monogamist
57% Ageplayer
12% Vanilla
0% Switch

Scat, Blood, Needles, Pins, Vomit, Children, Animals
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