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Pennsylvania, United States
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I am coming out of a really long relationship that ended several months ago. I have to control every aspect of my life to ensure that I survive this next step. It's been difficult, but I'm doing it.

I am near the Pittsburgh area here in Pennsylvania and I am willing to meet within a reasonable distance. I have family near the State College area so a 2 hour drive is nothing to me if the situation and person is right.
BDSM and me
I have been intrigued about the D/s lifestyle for close to 16 years now. I would love to find a Daddy/Dom that will be willing to guide me and remind me that it's ok to lose control every once in awhile.

I want the comfort and safety first. I want to make that connection where I know I'll submit with grace and acceptance. I'll be yours when you make me feel safe and cherished. Talk to me, get to know me I want a Daddy/Dom to ask me how my day is going. 

I enjoy learning and getting to know the person I'm speaking with. I like speaking on the phone, the honesty in a phone conversation is extremely intimate to me. == Results from == 100% Submissive 100% Rope bunny 99% Slave 97% Brat 94% Voyeur 90% Degradee 84% Exhibitionist 80% Primal (Prey) 75% Masochist 75% Pet 64% Experimentalist 53% Non-monogamist 44% Vanilla 42% Ageplayer 36% Boy/Girl 2% Primal (Hunter) 2% Brat tamer 0% Rigger 0% Daddy/Mommy 0% Dominant 0% Degrader 0% Owner 0% Master/Mistress 0% Sadist 0% Switch
I'm still learning them, so this is up for discussion and will be edited as necessary. No fecal or urine. No blood. No needles, no minors or anything illegal. I have asthma so breath play would be interesting to say the least. 
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Building my knowledge and acquaintances here.
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