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Hello lovebugs!

My name is Jules. I sometimes go by Satin, but you are welcome to call me whatever your imagination dreams up. I am currently 20 years of age, as well as a college student in MA. I am an English, with a focus in Creative Writing, and Studio Art double major. I am a total bibliophile! Poetry is my passion, but I have been known to dabble in many other mediums such as short stories, memoir, screenplays, fiction novels, etc. I am an immensely creative individual. I draw, paint, write, sing (I think I am a bit tone deaf, but others tend to disagree. Oh well!), play the flute and violin, as well as many other things that get my artsy fingers tingling! Beyond this, I am a spectacularly spiritual person. I would classify myself as a Hellenic Polytheist, or a Hellenic Pagan, or just an eclectic witch depending on who you ask (or how mischievous I am feeling that day). Overall, I am just as deeply complex as the next individual, and not even a hundred libraries could encapsulate everything that I am. I hope you enjoy leafing through my pages!
BDSM and me
I get the question, “What brought you into BDSM?”, in some form or another at least ten times a day, so I figured I would share my knowledge and experience a bit here to save myself the trouble. Despite being aware and active in the community for about half a year, I still consider myself a novice in the scene. Being of curious mind, when I first stumbled upon BDSM, I researched the heck out of it. So, my “textbook” knowledge of it all is quite vast, and little surprises or stumps me anymore. I am, however, lacking in experience. I have only ever had a Dom once, and it ended before it ever really began. It’s not much of a sob story. It was simply a case of two people who care very much for one another but simply did not fit together well. Thus is the way of life, I suppose. Therefore, yes, I am lacking in experience. I do, however, like to think that what I lack in experience I make up for in enthusiasm. I often am told I am a “natural submissive” because I am submissive in nature (Duh!). I am a bit skeptical at the motives behind the people who tell me this, and I am not entirely submissive by nature, however they are correct in that I gain a great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment from submitting in the right dynamic. I enjoy giving up control and power to a deserving individual (key word: DESERVING! Gotta woo the mind, and all that jazz). When it comes to the specific kind of submissive, or category of character that I fall into, I would say none of them, or all of them, or some mixture in between. The titles that resonate with me the most are: babygirl, princess, brat, prey, slave, and rope bunny. I am not a masochist, as I don’t gain pleasure from pain on its own. Certain forms of play that involve pain are erotic for me when coupled with the mental and physical domination occuring in tandem. Pain is definitely fun! But only in small, well-calculated doses. All in all, I am cute and a heck of a lot of fun!
No fecal matter, urine, vomit. No cnc. No degradation. No intense or excessive pain. No manipulation, fearplay, blackmail, threats, etc. No incest.
What's new
I have been a part of the BDSM community in some way shape or form since December 2018. I still very much consider myself a newbie in this entire world. I want to learn, experience, make friends, and hopefully find a Daddy that is right for me.
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Sunday, March 29, 2020
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