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Wild Nights Make The Best Memories

I have always been Dominate in All my relationships. Being in a D/s relationship feels natural to me. Finding a traditional sub woman is difficult in this modern world. I am a strong believer in having safe words. I do not believe in using alcohol or other substances while playing in a session. Doing so clouds judgment and dulls the senses .However there is so much more to life than BDSM.

 I have a Mountain Man type of personality in that I can be alone and not be lonely. I do not need people to be entertained, I value their presence and conversation more than that.. Being on a good adventure is a rush---a natural high until the adventure ends. I can find beauty in people and many simple things. I have always tried to be as self reliant as possible.

I know a hundreds of people but my best friends are few and part of an ever shrinking circle of friends. I suspect it is horrible to be the last of something. Kinda like the last dragon. In some ways I have not entered this century. Not sure if I ever caught up with the 20th century when it ended. I pretty much dance to the sound of the fiddler few others hear. Fortunately I have saved all the wisdom of my wilder days of my youth.

Have a rendezvous every year about this time in the autumn ( Nov) and again in the spring (March or April). I always get a little melancholy when it is time to go home. In this so called modern world I only see some of these people twice a year. I can hardly wait. It would be nice to take a sub with me on these rendezvous's or on an adventure and have her to share life with.
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I have had 2 sub wives. One for 14 years and the last one for 23 years. I was into BDSM as a Dom male before I knew what BDSM was. I learned about my lifestyle by reading and chatting with other Dom males and putting into practice what i had learned. Some trial and error on my part over the years also. My last sub was Bipolar and she was diagnosed half way through our relationship. On and off the meds was like stepping of a cliff. Half the time It was kind of wild play with her. I learned a lot about being a Dom playing with her.

I am convinced that mental illness is more common in the BDSM community than many would admit. I know a little that was abused as a child and I suspect that is more common in the community than is known. Knowing your partners deepest darkest secrets changes the dynamics of the relationship.

I don't think I have any kinks except for being a very Dominate male. I can role play if my sub is in to it. I do have restrains and some toys. I have never even been to a munch. Yours Truly Cat
Only up to what my partner can bear.
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