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Hello everyone. I'm new to the site almost a week now, love it so far. Began lifestyle September of last year, was told then I'm a natural submissive. I was born and raised in KS. Before you ask me... No I didn't bring Toto with me, a tornado didn't drop me down in Jacksonville FL and I don't have the ruby slippers. Hmm, wait a minute maybe I should get some... could make playtime or role play fun.

As you see I like to joke and play around. Yes sometimes I'm a little corny and love to have fun.

I'm very compassionate and caring. Very appreciative of what is done for me . So yes I'm a very sensory person. I'll do or try anything once. Especially if you explain and it's not illegal. Don't like to be judged so I won't judge.

Things I feel are important in life are simple basic things. Respect, communication, and honesty. If we have those things we can go far.

I do have adarkside and a very vivid imagination. Sometimes that gets me in trouble I'm looking forward to this new journey. I'm hoping to meet alot of new people who I can call friends.
BDSM and me
Me and BDSM.... What can I say except I want real time with the lifestyle. I'm new and have learned fast from the time spent with a Master (would like to know more east message me I'll be glad to explain). I am newbie but earlier in life my life as vanilla was unfulfilled.

What I want in a Dom? Understanding, gentleman, friend, mentor and Sir/Master. My Sir will test my limits and help overcome some or all of them. He will push me Tobe better. Sir will know I will try anything with explanation if needed. I've been to subspace and want to be there again. I would eventually want to be collared again. I'm not looking for forever but if it leads to that it will be fine. The day I had the red training collar put on I was proud and happy to belong to my training Master. If yours I'll be honesty which I feel is important one to get to know the person better but also to make a relationship stable.

BDSM TEST RESULTS(interesting)

90% Rope bunny
83% Voyeur
82% Submissive
73% Exhibitionist
72% Boy/Girl
68% Slave
66% Masochist
65% Sadist
61% Degradee
58% Primal (Prey)
58% Experimentalist
58% Master/Mistress
56% Non-monogamist
51% Brat
51% Degrader
50% Rigger
48% Dominant
48% Switch
47% Ageplayer
46% Owner
45% Pet
43% Vanilla
40% Daddy/Mommy
34% Primal (Hunter)
10% Brat tamer
I do have a high tolerance for pain. Will be slow to use safeword.
I do go into subspace

Hard limits are no cages, hoods (I'm claustrophobic), whips, cutting, gun play, blood or facial and no real hard core.
Soft limits will be willing to try most anything if talked about first.
What's new
My training did not last long. Yet it made want the lifestyle more.

A) Learned/accepted/embraces and practices role as a Slave - has never forgotten role when communicating with Master
B) Doesn't hesitate to please and anticipate Masters wants needs and desires,
C) Has trained with hot wax, flogger, riding crop, leather belt, nipple clamps, clit clamps, rope bondage. rope breast binding, butt plugs/beads, ben wha balls, vibrating dildo, etc.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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