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California, United States
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6'2 - 280lbs - Caucasian

I'm only interested in girls around my age (18-26 preferably).

I am a grad student and an artist. I enjoy drawing the naked female figure, studying the subtleties of their bodies. Let me know if you're interested in seeing my work, or even if you're interested in being drawn. I love football, playing and watching. I'm a very social person and would love to talk with you if even not about kink. I'm also an author of erotic short stories that you can read in the link at the bottom of my profile. Please don't use my stories to presume what kind of dom I am.
BDSM and me
Things I enjoy:
light rope bondage
orgasm control/edging
blindfolds and gags
tickling, spanking, and electric play

I'd love to use a remote controlled vibrator on you while we're in public, everyone around us oblivious what's happening to you. I'd love to find hidden camp spots or water holes so we can camp or swim in the nude. There's nothing I'd like more than to start off slow and blindfold you while kissing you up and down your stretched out body, arms and legs bound to the four corners of the bed. I'd give you the occasional tickle to show you how helpless you are. Then ravage your pussy with my tongue before pounding your pussy hard with my cock leaving you sweaty and exhausted.

I'm interested in a long term monogamous relationship with kinky fun!

100% - Dominant
94% - Rigger
87% - Master
62% - Voyeur
62% - Experimentalist
58% - Sadist
58% - Exhibitionist
51% - Brat tamer
49% - Vanilla
47% - Daddy
44% - Owner
14% - Degrader
5% - Primal (Hunter)
5% - Masochist
0% - Non-monogamist
0% - Switch

Contact me if you like what you hear.
No scat or blood drawing
I'm not a sadist, I only enjoy light punishments for the sake of discipline, nor for the sake of pain
No leaving marks/scars/bruises
I'm not a degrader. I don't mind calling you a "fucking whore" during sex if it turns you on, it can be fun, but I want to value you, not treat you like you're worthless
No STDs! (I don't have them, I don't want my sub to have them)
What's new
I'm am currently looking for a relationship and I'm open to starting online, maybe work our way to meeting in person. You don't have to live near me. We can take it as slow as you're comfortable with. Being a Dom, I see it as my responsibility to ensure you are comfortable... but I will also encourage you to push your boundaries.
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Friday, February 8, 2019
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Thursday, January 10, 2019
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