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I HAVE MY DOM, NOT LOOKING. Friendships only please. Any DOM wishing to contact me for any reason, must gain approval from my Sir.

I think the one thing that anyone who knows me can attest to is that I’m all about being open and honest to a fault.

I’m very open minded and never judge another for having a difference of opinion. Those differences are what make us unique, we need to value them.

BDSM and me

Trust, honesty and open communication is key here. I value each one beyond what words can describe.

I am extremely open minded and adventurous, but limits are between MrRobbbee and myself. 
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When you allow yourself to explore possibilities, anything is possible. I’ve been in two serious adult relationships and they in no way prepared me for what my Sir and I have been building. We spend our time together online daily and we’ve been fortunate to spend a few weeks together over the past couple months. The commitment we’ve built far surpasses what I have before experienced. The unconditional love we have been nurturing continuously grows and embraces us in the difficult times we are apart. Our family lives are intertwined and are working towards a single unit. Our future goals are the same and will someday become our reality. Never give up on how you want to live your life and who will share that time with you.


Sir...this is my love letter to the world about how great life can be when you finally let go and be. Our happy story to share hope with others on reaching for the unexpected.❤


I’m always the one to think things through more than I need to. I try to make decisions based on knowledge that sometimes isn’t really there. I look at the choices from every direction to make sure I won’t get blindsided. Looking over every option available until I just confuse myself.


I think, no I know, that I do these things in my relationships. Once a decision is made, I give it my all and because of this, I take my time to make said decisions so that everyone involved has the best opportunity to be happy.


My Sir and I met just over a month ago. To say we connected, really is an understatement. Today, I can admit that we became two halves of a whole. It took me a bit to realize that it had happened. I see changes in myself that are very surprising, but in a positive way. I’m following without question, well...not too many questions, I’m thoughtful of my words and I have become much more settled. Not so much trying to figure things out or change the world. To see what all of this really looked like and how that affected our lives. To fully accept that took me longer than what I want to admit. Until very recently (days), I was still holding back, afraid to give that last little bit of myself. In a sense, protecting us both; although I can’t tell you what from.


Being able to let this last reservation go has been a revelation for me. To let myself be able to feel the true feelings that exist is like finally taking a deep breath. Fully letting myself submit completely. The depth of how easily without question I submit to Him is beyond what I can even try to understand. My new mantra is that sometimes there are no answers to questions; you just have to accept.


This all started as a journey to build a friendship and heal a friend. Be the person who I love to be and help others find their safe and happy place. I’ve realized that in the end, it is both of us who needed healing. The lost Closet Sub learning how to be SoaringFree has in actuality found her new adventure with her Sir; and what an adventure it will be.❤❤

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Saturday, January 25, 2020
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