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sub female

England, United Kingdom
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In a monogamous relationship
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I hate to start with this as I am a friendly person, but to ensure no one is wasting their time or anyone is felt 'lead on', I am not looking to connect online or in any other way other than friendship. I am a happily married. Please dont mistake my kindness as wanting to take further.

This is a new journey for my husband and I, after discovering what my life has been missing all these years. Bdsm has put everthing into perspective. I'm loving the submission and discovering new limits. I am here to learn, explore and chat with like minded people (I am a very private person and live in a small village in the UK). I will value any advice that can be given to help guide our way. Btw I love to run and am out 5 days a week pushing my limits in different ways. My moto 'your body can achieve what the mind believes' and I'll leave it there lol.

P.s. the profile photo is not of myself.
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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