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49, married female,...sshhhhh, hubby doesn't know about my extracurricular needs....if this is an issue for you...you're welcome for saving you time...stop reading now...if you are continuing to read, I will not take the blame....hehehe....would love to find someone near me for something ongoing yet discreet...I have a wonderful online Dom, but now want someone in person and he cant do that, but knows I am looking here.... sooooooo here I am, in all of my enthusiasm and sarcasm, which has gotten me into trouble more than once, I am still learning so in need of more training too...he should preferably be married as well and definitely have facial hair!..trimmed beard, not i-know-what-your-last-meal-was type of beard, so Grizzly Adams types need not apply...lol.......chest hair a plus...not like planet of the apes hairy, but not shaved......I expect this could be a wonderfully fun and kinky time with the right person. Also that right person really must, must have a sense of humor, which also tells me you are smart....cause honestly you can't have one without the other...and i'm am drawn to not only Dominant men, but more so funny/smart....soooooooo...be that!
oh and I am 5'4", dirty blonde hair, green eyes, glasses, 36b and a little curvy....

P.S. I do NOT have KIK, or InstaSnapChatOGram....and no, I won't get them for you, I'm sorry

I'm newish to the scene, but the idea of being tied up and the idea of giving over control to that wholly trusted person has interested me for a very long time....finally acting on it....
extreme pain or humiliation, bathroom antics/mess, anything illegal...and yes that includes dogs for chrissakes!...lol......and as for pain ...I'm still exploring what those limits might be...
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Due to several reasons, I need to keep certain things private.
You will not know where specifically I live or the work I do.
I know it will most probably frustrate and annoy, but please respect this because disrespectfully pushy is such a yucky look on a person.
I am happy to hear about your personal life if you choose to share but you must accept my reservations on sharing.
That being said, trust is paramount for me, so if we get to a point that I have that trust in you beyond a shadow of a doubt, then those things I keep private in the locked vault are yours to open....and no, alcohol is not the key to the vault.....hehehe (nobody has gotten that reference yet, kudos if you do)

I may have been unclear about my online Dom....I am Not looking to leave him or replace him, so do not ask me to, I won't. I want something in person. He is gracious enough and so very good to me, that I have his consent to seek the physical.
If you ask to meet after only exchanging a few sentences for one day, you are most definitely not for me. I am in no rush and I am looking for one person who is a good fit for me, I am picky as hell and take my time for many reasons. That being said, I know this is the end to a fairly long read, however, if we are chatting in any capacity I will assume you read to the end, or at least came back for a reread after finding my personality to be quite irresistible and my sarcasm hadn't scared you off or offended you too terribly much....hehehe
I feel I should reiterate that I am married and family life plus career keeps me very busy and I may not have a ton of free or regularity of meeting times available, but I still want and have needs of the sub variety, ya know?
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Sunday, October 25, 2020
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