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In a monogamous relationship
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IN A MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP, PERIOD!...with the Sweetest of all the Gingers so... NOT AVAILABLE, RESPECT THAT!!

The Sweetest of All the Ginger's is the best thing I can take away, literally  from the cage...

She is a Rose among the weeds of this site...if the shoe fits Skankerellas, please put it and your opinions where the sun doesn't shine!

All my life I have known who I am and what I want...and I found exactly what I have searched for here... My search ended when I found her...SG

My Babygirl is the youthful, sweet, sultry, sexy, sensual, classy, a submissive woman I have longed for who is newer to the "lifestyle"!

I Love that She is mine... I'm blessed to be Hers... She has given me her trust and submission, there is, nor ever will be any greater gift for me!

My Sweet Ginger is open minded, willing, fit, healthy, a non-smoker, has a job or career/working, financially stable/viable...

She's willing to relocate to be with me. Sweet Ginger is the right "s" to my "D" and impossible will be always be nothing...
BDSM and me
I am just an outwardly vanilla guy with "gray-area" skills and a trunk full of toys that tend toward those shades of gray.

Once Sweet Ginger offered Her trust freely I continue to earn the gift of Her submission...and will continue to do so...

Out of that trust, love, adoration and respect We have blossomed into Our wonderful romance... Sweet Ginger's sensual intelligence and her ability to experience all she is offered is awe inspiring to say the least...
My Sweet Ginger will always be my only limit... Our boundaries... Ever expanding... I Love Her to Jupiter and back again! Any and all other limits are discussed with Her and Her alone...

No Limits to: Effort, participation, imagination and inspiration, all required!

The only Hard limit I will share here is I will not interact with any person of low or optional character. I hold myself to ab apparently quite high standard of conduct and challenge myself to maintain a similar "higher" level of objectivity as well.

I tend to see or comprehend inconsistencies quite quickly. It can be a talent and a curse but...

We are not apologetic for having a rare and wonderful relationship that has been envied by the same "people" who claim to be inclusive, accepting and non judgmental.
What's new
A renewed faith and trust in all that We offer each other... I am and will always be Sweet Ginger's Daddy!!! We choose Us cause Her + me = We/Us

Fun Facts: You might be aware but I found this interesting. In the United States there are about 200,000 documented, clinically diagnosed cases of narcissism out of over 327 million (as of 2015) actually living here or less than 1%, yet there is at least one disturbed individual here who claims to have met 4 of them in the last 6 months here on the Cage?! Thinking she should buy a lottery ticket or 3?!!

We will be meeting very soon! Due to the toxic environment we will likely not be sharing any of the rest of our 
journey here. Far too many are so damaged that they have no idea how to handle those who are real, honest, fair and trustworthy. They have lost their ability to feel good about anything for long enough to actually grasp anything of value and attempt to drag all down with them...it is just sad...

Consider this: Maybe that "dom" that is ghosting you is doing it for a reason...never you right?!

Please do not hate Us because We have something You do not have and likely never will!!! Check the mirror for once!
Don't hate Us because We found Our One because you can't even keep one or three or five?
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result!!!?!
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Monday, January 27, 2020
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Friday, February 1, 2019
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