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27y/o male seeking dom or switch woman for online, or irl, and perhaps maybe a soul mate
I'm a virgin switch and would love to find a dominant or switch woman to play with online or in real life. 18-32 preferably with some mutual attraction. I have a lot of toys and other fun bdsm stuff for pet play, restraints, girly clothes, chastity, plugs, dildos, and more. I would love to cam for you and humiliate myself. I've also been told im good at dirty talk and kinky chats where i give orders as well. If it's irl I am 100% loyal and dedicated to monogamy and basic privacy of our sex life. Id love to find someone here! Check my profile!
About me
I'm Caleb 27 y/o from NY searching for online play and perhaps a real and monogamous relationship. I'm a virgin. Average below the belt. Id consider myself demisexual in real life. K!k sophiaspanties to chat. I know we're not supposed to but I see a lot of people id love to talk to on here but the paywall stops me from chatting with you all ); try to sneak an outside contact source so I can msg you!
BDSM and me
I'm switch with many interests both vanilla and excessively kinky. I see relationships as sacred. Being a dom is less about dominating than it is giving your partner what they desire and being the logical, less emotional leader. Women are instructed to submit to men but men are not instructed to dominate women. In fact the true instruction is to "sumbit to each other."
Cuckolding, scat, illegal content, long term chastity, most all pee play (pee holding okay) cbt, blood. Perhaps a couple more.
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Saturday, August 29, 2020
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Thursday, February 7, 2019
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