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Where to start?

Thank you for reading in advance.

Here to blog & bond, not expecting a connection, if it happens, it happens. I have many experienced Doms that support me emotionally in real life, all long term ex play partners and now great friends. 

Submissive by nature, My first memory of ‘playing’ & ‘feeling’ in real life with rope goes way back to age 12 with a best friend, all very innocent and pure, we remain best friends to this day.

Not until I was 40, was I aware of the lifestyle and began to explore. 
A decade of real life experience as a sub, four of those wasted years with a narcissist, kind of new online.

I’m an INFJ (advocate), if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

I’ve a masters degree and am employed full time by a large corporation.
BDSM and me
Beginning to explore switching.

Most Accurate Cliché: Actions speak louder than words. We continue to learn by and from our interactions with caring people.

If you think sex comes without strings, think again, I have more strings than Pinocchio. 
Anything illegal, being asked to ‘go off site’ or ‘communicate on kik’ etc, I just joined here, I pay for premium, I really don’t want to go to a free site to talk.
Being asked personal questions ie: ‘where in UK do you live? ‘when I know nothing about you, then you getting angry when I don’t want to share with you = Jog on sweetie.
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I have many interests and fascination about 'kink' and I hope one day to show that our practices and interests are a totally legitimate way of self-healing - no better or no worse than any form of therapy... but better for being self-chosen. Our population is no more or less strange than the rest of the world who might be considered 'normal' whatever that is. I believe we (in kink) learn to make short term honest and trusting agreements and relationships more effectively than many who might profess to be normal or even follow religions that might assert those different to themselves as reprehensible? It will be good to help the world to trust those who might be different - whichever side of a fence one might find themselves on (or even sitting on the fence post lol)! I first wrote this late at night... I hope it makes sense, I have edited it several times since and I still hope it makes sense. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can and making as many new friends as is possible in this short life. Let’s make life be as comfortable (or as uncomfortable) as we wish it to be. Learn tolerance and acceptance. Care for others, be kind to yourself and... Have Fun! Thank you for reading.... messages welcome
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