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I'm 27 (as of 2019). I'm a business owner.  I'm a part of fraternal organizations.  I'm heavily devoted to occult study,  scientific understanding, psychology and personal development. I am extremely selectively social. Health and fitness mean the world to me and I am constantly working on bettering myself (I expect the same from my sub.. more on that below). I have a deep personal faith in futurism and the evolution of our currently wretched species and I have an aim to be a part of our advancement in some way or die trying. I am not satisfied with our current reality. 
I generally do not like people, and so I don't really go out much. I'm rather withdrawn and am constantly focused on my own aims/ hobbies/ development/ etc. I enjoy silence very much. 
BDSM and me
I am an majority mixture of Master and Daddy.  Mostly Master with a splash of Daddy. My fetish is tight underwear frotting.  I also enjoy the idea of bondage and body worship (in underwear).

I do NOT participate in or allow disgusting things such as bodily waste (scat). Do NOT suggest it. Neither will my mouth touch your anus nor yours mine.

If you're interested in applying to me you will need to understand the following: 
First and foremost if you're applying to me online, which, if you're reading this is obviously how that is going down,  you must have clear photos of yourself and I must find you sexually attractive. Understand this, because my becoming more deeply attached to you depends upon our chemistry. You cannot force oil and water to fuse, but they can play. I can not stress that enough. I fully expect you to come into this already knowing what you'll be getting out of it for yourself. Anything beyond that is up to Fate, howsoever you may subscribe to that notion.
Secondly,  you need to have no delusions about the reality of the dynamic between a Master and his/her subordinate.  You are not (usually) entering into a sugar daddy situation. I will strip you of that notion very quickly. Your Master provides you with the safe space and structure to be who you are, but your Purpose is to serve and care for him/her. Don't lose sight of that in the midst of your own little fantasies. If done correctly, you will still grow and develope personally and your Master will even nurture that. 
IF you are to become my sub you must understand and accept that you WILL be constructing a healthy diet (we will be naughty sometimes, don't worry), you WILL construct a fitness regime and work on a fit, healthy body and I may expect you to work on developing personal hobbies or interests. Having personal interests that you actively explore in the privacy of our dwelling will help you integrate and adapt to a life often filled with silence. You can expect serving under me to often times feel like a monastic experience.
Nothing gross like bodily waste (scat) and the like. Absolutely not. Even suggest it and you're done.
I will not rim you nor will you rim me. Period.
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