Black Wolf
dom male

Texas, United States
Personal Ad
Where is Morticia?
33 year Dom, sadist, seeking the play thing of all play things. Masochist, pet, I want that look from you that says you are mine without question. I want to build you up, and Rev that engine with a look. Must be 25-40, active, work out, and have a firm understanding of a D/S dynamic. Body type doesn't matter, but attraction is important. I hope to hear from you.
About me
Just a nerd who loves the kink. Ask me about dinosaurs, =)...
BDSM and me
34 year old Pleasure Dom, into to much to fill this space. Talk to me about it.
Talk to me about it.
What's new
Life has thrown a pretty big heartache my way, and I am crushed. Going to the gym more, and trying not to just leave society at this point.
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Jun 28, 2022
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Mar 6, 2019
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