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Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States
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I am an experienced and highly competent Dom male looking to develop online dynamics with female submissive. I am poly and I have multiple partners with varying degrees of involvement and intensity. Any online dynamic would involve daily communication, including task assignment and fulfillment. Any interested party should be in decent shape and be ready to submit explicit photos and videos (face hiding is acceptable, if you wish). An applicable period of trust building is acceptable before any intimate content is shared, if requested. I will also show you how to reverse search images, if you do not already know how to, as a general means of combatting exploitation in online dynamics. I travel quite often and I am open to meetups and visitation, but I am primarily looking for online dynamics currently. A dynamic can take on many forms (I.e. formal training, role play scenes, immediate use, etc.) depending on your interest, as I am open to any of these. I can offer a level of emotional support and friendship, if requested. We can also go the opposite route and this can refrain from crossing the bounds of kinky control. If you do not have a profile photo of yourself, a photo should be offered immediately upon interest. This photo need not be explicit.
Relationship status
In a polyamorous relationship
About me
I am especially interested in submissive women who are looking for extreme Play.  I can expound on this for any interested parties.

I out fake profiles, so do not waste my time. 

Polite, optimistic, introverted, and doting. I enjoy the outdoors, reading, music, and meeting interesting people. I am a dreamer scientist type, and my job reflects this. I work out regularly, and appreciate good food.
I am easily the nicest person you will ever meet.  That being said, I am also capable of reliable sternness, and creatively sadistic punishment.
I am poly, with three current partners and an interest in meeting more. 
I am only interested in non-monogomous women who are comfortable with at least partially online dynamics.  I am open to asexual dynamics, as long as physical contact and non-penetration use is acceptable.
I am not the possessive or insecure type (though I pull off protective quite well), and have no problem sharing with other Doms who do not give me a hassle.
BDSM and me
I am an established Dom and sadist, and I take my roles seriously. I am looking for women interested in hard use, punishment, training, service, and self improvement.  I believe the Dom’s foremost responsibility is the well being and development of the sub. I enjoy taming brats, but nothing beats a woman who genuinely wishes to serve. My list of kinks is extensive and I freely discuss any topic, so do not hesitate to inquire.  I specialize in role play, formal training, protocols, and High Etiquette.  I enjoy teaching and discussing kink topics with open minded people.

As a sort of disclaimer; I am a man who really has his life together, and knows how to take care of his partners. Consider before striking up a conversation with me.  If your 'perfect Daddy' is a low key loser, I will inadvertently cause you to rethink things.
My limits are scat play, CBT, extreme age play, non-consent (CNC play is acceptable), possessive metamours, bestiality, death (yes, I am seriously putting this), rainbow play, findom/business transaction, underage, forcefeeding
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Now traveling the United States for work.  Looking to meet new people.
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