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I'm 36 years old woman. I'm a sado/maso Domme.


I love playing games, watching anime, and reading manga, light novels, and books. Lately, I started writing short stories as a hobby.

I'm mostly into males but I'm open to the idea of having a female sub

BDSM and me

Since the ads are down, I will post it here

I just lost one of my cats who was with me 15 or so years, so now I'm more in the mood to find a sweet and easy going Daddy who isn't strict than to search for a regular sub who can pretend to be a Daddy.

I'm demisexual (which means I need a connection with the person before I start feeling sexually attracted). I have long low-sex drive phases and short high-drive ones, so sex and play aren't a regular thing with me.

I'm into guys mostly, but I'm open to the idea of having a female sub who enjoys me dominating her as if I were a male Dom.

Lately, I'm I realized I'm sexually gender fluid, I want to explore pretending to be male, so I would love to find someone who feels attracted to my physical body (that is female) but who also feels attracted to both female and male sides of my mind.

Although I'm a woman, being addressed with female honorifics makes me feel uncomfortable, so I prefer being addressed with male ones.

I'm also wanting to explore my little girl/boy sides, so a sub with a Daddy side would be perfect for me.


I'm looking for someone special. It can be a sub, switch, or even sadist  (who would be okay with me not submitting, I'm not looking for someone who gives rules, or who wants to control or guide me. I'm open to listening to advice but I decide if I follow them or not.)

I'm open-minded and I feel that I don't have the right to judge what happens between consenting adults and I like talking with people who feel the same.


Someone with whom I have a connection. Friendship outside of sex, respect, and trust. If that person is able to make me feel like I have someone who takes care of me, that's even better. If we both develop romantic feelings for each other, then I will consider myself lucky.


For now, I'm looking only for online, I won't consider real life unless there's a very deep, strong connection. This means it's not impossible to happen, but it means I'm not going to jump into a real-life relationship unless if it's with someone who is really special to me. And to whom I am really special.

I don't do NSFW pics or videos or cam. I gained weight and I don't show how I look now unless if I'm in a relationship for a while, though I can show how I look when I don't have the extra weight.


I love roleplay and I'm into humiliation/degradation, control, and some pain.

Respect is extremely important to me.

I don't have an age limit for online play (as long as is above 18 though I tend to prefer men around my age or a bit older)


PS: I enjoy bitting and using my nails

PS2: I hate cooking and cleaning the house


These are my limits for online written play, for a real-life play I have a few more limits.


All my limits are hard ones, I don't have soft ones so please respect them and don't talk about wanting to push them.


Armpits, scat, fisting, feet ( I'm fine with kissing and licking the top of the shoes or having my shoes kissed or licked), kicks, punches, amputation, death, other women's vaginas, vomit, stuffing stuff inside me, minors, being called fat or ugly, broken bones, cannibalism(never found anyone into that but better put it just in case lol), I'm not much into electro cus I find it scary, drowning, needles. More might be added because it might be something that didn't occur to me.

What's new

 I'm demisexual.

I updated my profile pic. The pic is from before I gained weight.

I have a bi male sub on trial, so my preference atm is to find another bi male sub to be a triad with us. - Update: me and my sub are on a break

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