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Looking for Daddy/Caregiver to chat with
Hello. I'm kinda going through an identity crisis and I'm not sure if I am a switch, a Domme, or a sub/baby girl so I decided to post here to look for Daddy/Caregivers to chat with to help me find out more about my baby girl side and if it fits me. As it says in my profile, what attracts me to a Daddy/ Caregiver is the idea of having someone to take care of me, making me feel loved, protected, safe, pampered, and with my needs fulfilled, while he also feels pleasured and fulfilled by doing it. Someone with who I can explore my sexuality and also chat about different things. If you are a Daddy/Caregiver and you are interested in talking with me, feel free to read my profile and message me. Thank you for your time ^^
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I'm 34 years old female. I love playing games, watching anime and reading manga and light novels. Lately, I started writing short stories as a hobby.
BDSM and me
My Daddy wants me to find some playmates to play with me when he is busy. Friends with who I can have sex talks, either switches or Doms or sub, as long as our kinks are the same.

I have always been a sub, but recently found a need (or desire) to change roles but not too often.
Trust is very important and needs to be established first. I have a lot of things I would love to try, but I need the right person. Edit: I'm trying them with my Daddy.

I don't have much experience in BDSM but for me, BDSM is about respect, trust, and pleasure, for both sides. For me, subs aren't objects for the Dom/Domme to use and abuse, they are people with emotions and feelings (even if the sub feels pleasure in being treated as an object, that doesn't stop the sub from being human).
I want to explore things and find more about myself.
Respect is extremely important to me.
I don't do pics or videos or cam.

I don't do real-life tasks.

Sexual personality: switch
Outside of sex - temperamental and dominant

I don't have an age limit for online play.

PS: I enjoy bitting and using my nails
PS2: I hate cooking and cleaning the house
These are my limits for online written play, for a real-life play I have more limits. Armpits, scat, fisting, feet ( I'm fine with kissing and licking the top of the shoes or having my shoes kissed or licked), kicks, punches, amputation, death, other women's vaginas, vomit, stuffing stuff inside me, minors, being called fat or ugly, broken bones, cannibalism(never found anyone into that but better put it just in case lol), I'm not much into electro cus I find it scary, drowing.
Punishments that aren't exciting or that don't give pleasure. For me, punishments are for both and I like to behave badly on purpose to be punished
What's new
I found out that I'm a switch tending more to the dominant side or a dominant sub who enjoys role-play of being a sex slave, used and abused.
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Mar 9, 2022
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Mar 9, 2019
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