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Massachusetts, United States
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Every person is a prism -- inherently clear and empty, but possessing many faces, each a mirror on to the world.

My presence here is a reflection of my depraved, twisted, and kinky side. I seek likeminded women who wish to be used, degraded, and controlled. Full submission is a truly beautiful thing; feeling my lover -- cum-drunk and used, totally compliant, collapsed in my arms -- this melts my heart. I have a sensitive and protective side that balances my other tendencies.
BDSM and me
I've been involved in rough play and kink-suffused relationships for over a decade. I'm open to all kinds of casual encounters and play -- from vanilla to very sadistic and cruel.

I don't expect to find more than casual play and entertainment here, but who knows... That said, I've been around the block enough to know that I won't be fully satisfied unless my partner is naturally submissive, masochistic, and enjoys being sexually objectified.

I'd like my next relationship to involve the Master/slave dynamic, though I'm not looking for a push-over who just craves security; I want a self-sufficient partner who I can connect with on many levels, albeit one whose twisted mind wraps and fits around mine like two strands of DNA.

I'm not "in the lifestyle," nor do I have any desire to eat pancakes at IHOP while talking about how I so enjoy binding, manhandling, and abusing my lovers. No, I'd prefer to let actions speak louder than words. As such, I have no desire for idle chat with people who live 3,000 miles away. If you don't live near Cambridge, MA, then your lovely cunt is too distant to interest me.
Serious injury that requires medical attention; I love to leave marks, not break bones. I'm conscientious about pushing my partners within their limits -- that is, I'm sensitive to body language, open to communication, and respectful of limits and safe-words.
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Monday, March 18, 2019
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Thursday, March 14, 2019
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