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Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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Truly submissive black female in need of a Master.
I am experienced as a sub, a slave and in a thriving poly relationship.

I love who I am but with that said, my life needs a master. I need someone who is serious and wants to be serve daily. I am in a position and more importantly, I desire to make my Master my sole priority.

I appeal to men who are alpha, professional, very strict, unyielding, fair and secure in all things.

I have been submissive my entire life though I did not know it until my twenties. When I found out what this lifestyle was I found a definition for myself.

This is far from a game to me, it is my life, it is who I am in mind body and soul. Yes, there are times when my place will need to be reminded to me as with all other things that are worthy in this life.

I do cherish my position and I do love a strong man that would own me fully in all things. I yearn for an alpha Dom with a strong hand but I am not a robot. I am extremely intelligent, I do have a very strong mind and I desire the same of my owner. We can build great things together and he will have my dedication, obedience and servitude to his ultimate will.

I want to be guided
I want to be led
I want to be controlled
I want to be owned
I do not want a master that likes to argue nor one that will tolerate my arguing with him. I detest arguing.

I do not do well with childish, insecure, passive nor indecisive men however all of humanity has emotion. I would hope for a master to be secure enough to know that he can express all feelings without a misguided perception that it can only be a prequel to harshness.

Will add more later
BDSM and me
Children, Animals, Blood,
Passive insecure men
What's new
What's new and extremely rare is me finding men who are capable of totalitarianism.
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Friday, March 15, 2019
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Friday, March 15, 2019
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