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Missouri, United States
About me
What else can I say than I am simply me?
I'd like to start by talking about how I've evolved over the years, I started into the BDSM Community 4 years ago, and I've had a lot of expiernces, dominated, subbed, treated amazingly, abused and tossed aside, I've made many friends, and lost many more. It has been an amazing journey of discovery to learn more about others and more about myself. I've learned what it is to embrace someone wholly, and to put myself under them, I've learned to discovered a beautiful interior inside our minds and many people like to refer to names and roles, but the reality is each person is infinitely unique to themselves, however, with that said, I identify as a switch but I favor dom or sub depending on my mood.

I've grown up in Missouri, and spent most of my life as a shutin. I have High Spectrum, Autism.

My main hobbies and interests are: Martial Arts, Archery, Camping, Woodland adventure, writing, the sciences, sociology, and preforming music. I also enjoy certain things like table top gaming. I'm a bit awkward and a misfit, but I shine once you really get to know me.

I take to take things day by day. I have an erratic nature and am quick to change my moods and interests. I've been preforming percussion for over 9 years and am even award winning. Writing has come to me as of recently, but I am still proud of my work.

I've been described as an intense and passionate person who's hard working and eager to serve. I often find myself in leading roles, be it music, or coordinating organization, but I really prefer to be kept to myself. Though I have my bad days like anyone. I do hope to hear from everyone in the community.

I am quite new to BDSM as a whole and am not certain of my interests, but I'll try (most) things twice.

Hard: Scat, Puke, Findomme (if you're a findom, don't even talk to me)

Soft: Blood, Knife, Breeding, Pee

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Friday, October 2, 2020
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Sunday, April 23, 2017
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