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Tough one. I've had it brutally hard and ideally easy. I've always worked tough and masculine jobs, but relax with nerdy shit. I cook daily and occasionally build shit. I think about becoming an author eventually. Retiring on my own little farm near a river, with strong internet, and a sane partner, is my goal.

I'm frighteningly intelligent, emotionally mature, in my early thirties, and looking for a partner - sub or otherwise. My blog, linked in this profile, has literally my entire history [minus one aspect] in it, should you care. It also has a nearly up-to-date journal, vlog, etc, etc. Really, everything you need to know.

Dear site owners,

Didn't see any prohibition against posting the above link. Feel free to tell me if there is.
BDSM and me
I don't want a typical sub. I'm looking for a sub who wants to mature and become my equal. To do that, we'll constantly and extensively discuss, analyze, and work on, ourselves. Since I happen to be astounding at it, chances are I'll take the lead. If you don't like that, there are plenty of boys out there for you.

If you'd rather have a real relationship, I'm your man. And I want to be -your- man. I don't want to dominate you. I don't want to explain what you're doing wrong. I don't want to clean up your messes. I'm not your father.

I want the domineering to end as soon as possible. But I'm a man; I have standards that you have to meet. Your looks and holes have no control over me. Girly behavior is annoying. I don't want to babysit you.

Tying you up, whipping you, all that? Stupid games. I'll do it if you like it, but won't otherwise enjoy it. What I will enjoy, is seeing you do the mature thing, the smart thing, the right thing, when I pressure you.

When I make fun of your sensitivities, making you feel bad. I will love you, if you get the fuck over it, and change, like an adult. When I disprove your deepest beliefs, making you feel lost and stupid. If, instead of lashing out like an animal, you ask me to teach you – I'll love you then.

When I call you a stupid bitch - when you're genuinely being a stupid bitch. If you shut up, apologize, and do something to make up for wasting my time. I love you a bit. If I don't have to negotiate with you for sex, like a whore. Oh, you won't regret it.

But if none of that ever has to happen, if we just get along and have a great time all the time? I will marry your ass. I'll even tie you up, call you names, pull your hair, choke you, or whatever ridiculous pantomime you're in to. But maybe just vanilla sex, between two mature people, is way better? Crazy, I know.
Em. Sexually? I suppose blood, shit, vomit, animals, and age-play. I'm kink-friendly, assuming the activity isn't encouraging abusive behaviors/unhealthy thoughts.

Relationship-wise: I don't want kids, or to deal with a woman who has them. I'm monogamous. I don't tolerate drama or STDs. There's very little chance I'll deal with drug-users. Alcohol and cigarettes are fine, the rest will have to be case-by-case.

Can't think of anything else right now.
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Apr 24, 2020
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Apr 14, 2019
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