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Denver, Colorado, United States
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There's so much to this. So much to teach and learn and look forward to. Here are just a few of My thoughts. As My little submissive, sex slave, I would completely own and possess you , and you would be willingly and completely overwhelmed emotionally, physically and sexually by Me. You'll taste and feel Me deep inside every hole for days after until the next time. You would long to be claimed and used by Me, in ways we agree to. You would first stand naked before Me as I inspect and explore each of your holes. First, with My hands and tongue and just the swollen head of My cock, leaving you helpless, dazed and fulfilled by the height of the waves and force of the orgasms this produces in you. I'd take you hard, wide and deep in each hole, using it for My pleasure, laying claim and taking, you having surrendered all control to Me. Knowing you are safe, desired, honored and will be cared for and cherished. You always would be. You come to Me with the hope and expectation that you will be pushed, prodded and tested, yet still kept safe. And you would be. You will long to be overwhelmed by Me, the one for whom you kneel. And you will be. Claiming is a Dominant trait and longing to be claimed is just as equally a trait of submissives. If we genuinely try, I believe we will each find a partner who has complimentary desires and needs and who fulfills those desires and needs. Our dance will be like no other. Intense, fiery, passionate, even primal. Take and be taken, claim and be claimed. We find a connection to one another bordering on the sublime. I want you naked, on all fours, legs widely spread and ass upturned and opened for Me. I will thrust hard and deep within your pussy and ass.. Fucking you into oblivion. My balls slapping your ass. Tightly grabbing and squeezing your tits. Holding your hips and pulling your hair to sink My hot, swollen cock even deeper inside you. Fucking you and filling you with warm streams of My cum. And you lose all control as you cum over and over and over, joyfully floating in subspace. But we need to begin this adventure... Kisses, Master Patrick
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Seeking your Complete Surrender
I would cherish your gift of submission to Me as your one and only Master. You My on
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I possess a loving, dominant personality and prefer my partner to allow me to take charge and be open to anything, eg, if it works, great, if not, we'll try something different...! I'm also very creative, with a strong romantic streak, and really get off on introducing my partner to new experiences and sexual heights which she never dreamed possible and never wants to end...nor do I. Looks are important but not a hang up of mine. Your intelligence, sense of humor, affection, trust, sincerity, open mindedness, and intensity of your passion are the really meaningful qualities to me. Open to group sex but mainly a one partner guy. Absolutely adore women, love life and laughing and having fun together. Would like to try more outdoor activities. Absolutely, NOT into cyber. Why waste your time on faux play when you can eperience the real thing? Sure it's safe, but so is phone sex. It's not like you can spank your network or stick your dick in the disk drive slot. Nothing replaces the actual caress of hands on each other. So, I use the net to find the lady of my dreams and then meet her in person. So, if you're looking for a cyber relationship or to bounce back and forth in cyber, then you need to look elsewhere. I'm not your Man. In brief, I will take you, penetrate, fill and stretch you in all your most intimate places, with your thighs spread wide and you moaning loudly, clutching and milking the full length and width of me deep inside you, not wanting to let go, as I thrust into you, first hard and deep, then slow and shallow ( even inserting your hard, erect clit inside the slit at the top of the swollen head of my hard penis ), then left, then right. And you grip me within you even more tightly and thrust your hips back against me, crying out my name and shuddering uncontrolably in the throes of your first of many climaxes, while I fill you with rivers of my warm, white cum ( which is how I always cum ). And you see stars and break against me, again and again. And you have never felt so perfect... You beg me not to stop while I continue to possess you in every way, making you precious, completing you, locking our passions together and taking us to and over the edge of the galaxy! You know to a certainty that choosing me as your partner is, far and away, the best decision you've ever made. Master Patrick
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