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Santa Monica, California, United States
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Please don't tell me what you want from me or what you think you want or need . A slaves purpose is to serve and in so doing the slave finds purpose , freedom and still gets everything it wants sexually and otherwise. I'm old school experienced and would take great pride in taking a sub and helping it realize it's true potential. I'm hard sadistic and strict and yet I'm also compassionate and caring. I take being responsible for another s life with great humility and seriousness. Its an honor and purposeful responsibility for me the Master. Master Dan
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Im your average Masculine , leather wearing, cigar smoking, Harley riding, nudist Dom Master who's also a published poet and writer. I'm experienced and can be hard and strict and yet have an emotional caring side. I'm sexually adventourus - into most kinks and way over sexed. I never ask a Slave to do anything I haven't done or wont do myself. I believe this like all relatoionships are based in trust and love.
BDSM and me
I am experienced in all forms of bondage and kink. I enjoy guiding a slave through the world of kink and helping them achieve joy surpassing their fears and preconceived limits to gain experience and a sense of achievement . To help them discover the ultimate freedom most never know and few understand. A life of purpose and direction without confusion . A connection which goes beyond the normal .
No Blood, scat or permanent injury
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Friday, March 5, 2021
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Saturday, April 27, 2019
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