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Sadist Dom looking for His Parter and Play Thing
I’m looking for an IRL submissive partner who could spending an entire day as my dirty little slut and the next day as my equal. I want to build S/m dynamic on top of a genuine connection, romantic or just friendly. I’m based in north New Jersey, not looking for a live in dynamic but want someone I can meet up with. I am open to online to start though, especially with the state of the world right now. I enjoy hikes, playing video games, recently have gotten into yoga and I love deep conversations, especially about sociology and psychology. Preferably, you are a masochist, but everything else is up for discussion. HMU and let’s see where things go!
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Currently a college student working for my degree in engineering. Outside of BDSM I’m a total sweetheart and not ashamed to say it! Love baking and exercising in my free time. Better believe I am traveling every opportunity I get. (especially before the world either burns down or freezes over?) Hopeful you have a good sense of humor cuz I love joke around. 4/20 friendly, and always ready for a good time
BDSM and me

Like the name suggests I am a sadist and have been for 5 years now. I love to trying new kinks and I am looking for a masochist female sub who also enjoys degradation and humiliation. Edging, orgasm control, spankings, wax play, bondage, CNC, domestic servitude and group play are also some favorites? This could be something to keep behind closed doors, or something that changes your everyday life, I’m open to either. Most important is your willingness to experiment though because I love trying new kinks.

Looking for an irl relationship but open to online to start. I can’t permanently relocate but I am willing to travel within reason. Or maybe, you can travel with me!


Scat, extreme mutilation, underage

Everything else, including length of time together, is up for discussion.

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Social distancing is actually driving me crazy. Can’t believe we’ve been living like this for a year?
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