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A dominant man, looking for the female pet/submissive/slave. Prefer thet one who into lifestyle. I am very strict. On the other hand, I can be gentle and caring too. I am interested in girls who would like to be controlled, dominated...

You must be ready to serve me with patience, obedience and respect. I will treat you according to our likes and pleasures.  I have rules which the submissive must follow and obey.

I need to get to know about you. Its important for me to know your likes, dislikes, interests and limits in order to manipulate you effectively. If you are new to this and are not quite sure about your limits and kinks, tell that beforehand. I will demand pics of you and you must be ready to share them. Once you submit to me, you are mine.  You will be controlled by me in every aspects of your life. I will decide what you will do and what not. 

I will not provide any kinds of financial assistance.

If this sounds like a situation you are ready for, write to me.
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Interested in BDSM lifestyle
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Monday, May 27, 2019
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