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I am 35 and single right now. I am a college educated professional. Smart, witty, and can hold a decent conversation and would like a partner that is the same. I am an avid traveler and have seen much of the world and want to see more. I am a private person and have nothing to be ashamed of my body so I have no problem sharing pictures but I do not like to have them for anyone to see. Willing share more with the right partner.      I recently stepped away from here did some reevaluating. I have had some good conversations on here and met some interesting people. Though none of them were the partner I was looking for. While I am ready to have my last getting to know each other conversation I am not willing to settle for less than I want. Hopefully I can find that partner    

I would like to find a partner who wants to explore outside of the vanilla zone, have their boundaries tested while feeling safe and secure. Exploring for personal growth and to find out more about who they are as a person. A persons submissiveness is a gift, not one to be taken lightly. I'm willing to put in the time and effort so my partner will have to be willing too as well. I'm looking for a partner who is consistent and can communicate on a regular basis. I am not here to excessively  degrade anyone.

The best way I have heard it said is, I love the fact that on its best days BDSM attracts people who are more devoted to sexuality and prioritize communication in relationships. I am excited for a relationship where expectations are clear and ever evolving. Where there is a genuine desire to grow and learn together

BDSM and me
I found that I liked being a dom after I had an older experienced girlfriend who was a sub and that it fit well with my personality. I have had a couple of subs since. Looking for a long term partner now.      While I am looking for someone submissive, I am not looking to degrade anyone, that is not me. While I will expect you to submit, I do not want you to give up who you are, your opinions, your views, and your thoughts. I desire a sub with a brain much more than one without one. What I am looking for is to truly understand more of myself and my sub.       What I eventually seek is someone who will understand this side of me, better than I understand it myself. Someone I can guide, teach, and train with patience, strength and respect. I also truly believe that trust and communication are the biggest and most important things in any type relationship. What I desire is to find someone who will let me get deep in their mind, calm their thoughts, unleash their inner person, and feed them with trust, respect and communication, so they can feel freed. I want to provide my sub with what she needs, which is the freedom to be herself, the true dynamics of a D/s relationship and I in turn will give them everything they are looking to find. I am not into sharing, poly or having a harem. When I have a sub I expect all of them, and I am a one sub man!
Hard Limits at this time are: No bodily fluids (urine, scat), nothing illegal, no drugs, needles. Not into humiliation or degradation. No permanent or severe body damage. No age play
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Dec 25, 2023
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May 31, 2019
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