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I Might Be New, But I'm Willing
I'm newly into BDSM as a whole, I'm 19 and my last relationship left me feeling, let's say, wanting. I had been watching BDSM type stuff on porn sites for a while, but I never thought I was really into it until now. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm looking for a new experience, and--hopefully--someone to lead me through it. Like I said, I'm 19, so I'm young, but I think what I lack in total knowledge and experience I'd probably make up for in other areas. I'm looking for a dominant woman mostly so she can show me the ropes (maybe figuratively, maybe literally) and teach me something about this. I'm mostly looking for an online relationship, at least in the beginning, but who knows? Age isn't really a barrier for me, well unless you're on social security already, so let's say...19-50? I'd love to chat, and even if you're not interested, I love making new friends and I'd love to learn more about, well, everything. Thanks!
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About me
I’m new to BDSM and looking to learn more about it. I love music and books, to the point that I write both, although not very well. I'm always looking for more friends too, so feel free to reach out if you just want to chat!

Oh, and because I saw a very good point saying not everyone is heterosexual here, I figure I'll add in that I am only sexually attracted to women, but I love friends of any gender!
BDSM and me
I haven't had, well, really any experience with BDSM, but I'd say that I'd classify myself as submissive, especially in the sense that I'm very new to this sort of thing. Like I said before, I love to learn!

Someone told me I should take a BDSM test and post the results, so... here!

== Results from ==
100% Rope bunny
90% Degradee
87% Rigger
87% Submissive
69% Experimentalist
55% Masochist
54% Slave
So I've just learned about soft and hard limits, and I figured I'd update my profile accordingly, so here goes.

Hard Limits: 
Anything illegal, or involving unconsensual parties. Anything that is permanently damaging, or anything that would harm other people. 

Soft Limits:
This is where I'll say I'm not really sure, still. I'll need to learn more about different aspects of BDSM to really understand what I do, and don't, like. For right now, I guess we'll say anything with feces or urine, they seem like a safe bet to stay away from, haha.
What's new
So much! And by that I mean nothing at all. But I'd love to hear what's new with you?
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