Mama Bear JJ​{koa}
dom female

United States
Relationship status
In a monogamous relationship
About me
I met my koa on Cage in July of 2021 and, after spending far too long being long distance, we are now happily living together, married. and practicing a 24/7 dynamic that includes all of each of our many sides.

Our marriage and relationship is 100% monogamous, as is our dynamic. We are not interested in adding others or entering dynamics with others.

That said, we have both agreed to allow the following as long as our individual boundaries are respected and there is disclosure and open discussion with each other:
- Having educational conversations with others to gain experience.
- Online only role playing with others in the lifestyle for fun or ideas.
- In person non-penetration play with others as long as both of us are present and/or involved.

Please respect our choices and boundaries.

Me in six S words... strong, smart, serious, silly , and (according to my koa) short and stubby lol. 

My names ... Juicy Jess, Mama Bear JJ, House Durga (joint), and back to Mama Bear JJ again so that my koa could have his wish of me joining him in chat.

My roles ... Mommy, Domme, mentor on kinks and fetishes, and an occasional switch for learning purposes or my personal enjoyment of kinks and fetishes not traditionally associated with the D side of the slash.

My experience ... Kinks/fetishes have been a part of my life since my teens after experiencing sexual abuse. It made me curious, not ashamed, and I used that curiosity to build my knowledge of the many kinks and fetishes that are available, including the motivation and cognition behind them through my undergrad psychology degree.

With this knowledge, and the personal interests it uncovered, I officially entered the lifestyle and began seeking out and experiencing those interests with others around six years ago.

I started as a Domme, then spent a year learning submission from a Master who I will forever be grateful for. He gave me a deeper appreciation for the mental aspects of roles, protocols, kinks, and fetishes. He also gave me my little monkey of a middle, a safe space to work through past trauma and stress when I needed it, and a desire to take on the role of Mommy.

I also took on the role of a mentor to others along the way in regards to uncovering, exploring, and expanding upon their kinks and fetishes.
BDSM and me
My Relationship / Dynamic Style

I practice a Tantric style of relationship and BDSM, focusing on developing a deep spiritual connection where we become one with each other in mind, body, and spirit. In doing so, we place a higher emphasis on the mental and emotional aspects over the physical ones knowing that, with that connection, all of the pleasure one could ever want or need will follow.

As part of that style I choose to focus heavily on:

Primal style/kink, focusing on raw feelings and actions that are brought on by natural impulses and urges.

Sensory style/kink, focusing on enhancing play and daily life with the use of verbal cues and implements that trigger or restrain sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

Energy Play style/kink, focusing on eliciting physical reactions without the need for physical touch.

Beyond these things, my most notable kinks/fetishes are:

- Exhibitionism (public, writing)
- Voyeurism (watching, listening, reading)
- Shibari on myself and others
- Impact Play
- Light BNT and CBT (breast/nipple and cock/balls torture)
- Electro Play
- Edging
- Pegging
- Pet Play

No tolerance for ignorance or disrespect: There is no excuse for either in or out of a relationship.

No Worship, Humiliation, or Degradation: I am not interested in a relationship or dynamic where we are not on equal footing, side by side. As a Domme, I lead the relationship / dynamic and make all decisions, but always taking my sib /little’s needs, wants, knowledge, and opinions into consideration when doing so. He/she will never be treated as less than me, and I do not expect him to tolerate anyone treating him as such.

No Ageplay: Little and middle space is, and always should be, non-sexual in nature. We will not engage in incest style role play, don't ask and don't assume.
What's new
July 2022: I put a ring on it and asked my koa to marry me

December 2022: My koa and I now share a home together and are practicing our dynamic 24/7

January 2023:
We got married!!!

May 2023: We have made the decision to go with the flow, no longer labeling our dynamic as Domme/submissive or Mama/little. Instead we choose to see it as dynamic and partnership that grows, molds, and changes with us as we continue to grow in our respective roles, interests, and needs/wants. Less pressure trying to fit into individual roles, and more fun getting to enjoy them all.
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Jun 27, 2023
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Jun 19, 2019
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