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Georgia, United States
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In a polyamorous relationship
About me
Note: just because the Online light is on does not mean I am online. I frequently forget to log out because I use more than 1 device. Please leave a message or contact Mr. John Smith as instructed below if you do not get an immediate response. If you follow instructions, you will always get a response from me.

South Georgia Leo, intelligent, witty, sensual yet passionate, independent, educated, professional, married, and polyamorous.  I enjoy sharing things I have created with my friends. I am a creative writer, artist, and amateur photographer. I geek out on pens, planners, journals, colorful office and art supplies. Some of my creations can be found in my profile photos here and throughout my blog.

DOMS (without prior connection) wishing to communicate with or befriend me, MUST go through Mr. John Smith or be blocked.

All women, subs, or slaves can message at any time. 

I am open to:
Friendship (Doms/subs)
BDSM and me
Introduced to BDSM by a Dom when I was in my late 20s. I ran across a community, much like this one, where subs and slaves would keep journals, like our blogs. I was captivated, specifically by a slave who would document her day. She would document how much she weighed, what she ate, what her Master would allow her to eat or do for the day. Some of what I read completely blew my mind. Some even more extreme than what I've found here. Whether fact or fiction, I am not sure. Probably some of both. I wasn't interested in being a slave. I had the opportunity to discuss the lifestyle with a Dom, and he was very kind. He shared with me what to watch out for. I never pursued the life back then. I wish I had. I am glad my life now includes this amazing life and relationship dynamic along with each of my friends here.  Nearly 20 years later, and I find myself having a profile and maintaining a blog. I can't help but wonder if the Dom who helped me is here somewhere. I wish I remembered His name. I enjoy my Master/Dom/sub friends here. Your friendships contribute to my enjoyment of this lifestyle.  Thank you!

Effective 10/07/19
== Results from ==
100% Exhibitionist (for my One)
100% Submissive (for Master)
100% Voyeur
96% Slave (for my One)
96% Boy/Girl (little/middle)
94% Ageplayer (little/middle)
83% Primal (Prey)
78% Non-monogamist (I'm poly in vanilla but would only have 1 Master)
72% Rope bunny (for my Master)
64% Degradee (by a kind Master)
63% Experimentalist
56% Masochist (by my Master)
51% Brat (playfully)
48% Pet (petted/caressed)
19% Vanilla (romance)
0% Switch
Master is responsible for my protection; therefore, no limits are necessary.
What's new
10/25/2019 Mr. John Smith (MJS) and I are ONE.
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Friday, November 15, 2019
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Monday, June 24, 2019
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