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Georgia, United States
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About me
About Me

Terms that describe me would include (but aren't limited no particular order):

naturally submissive
highly analytical
reliable and loyal
active listener

My Kinky Blog can be found at The Sensual Submissive


MEN: I am interested in Daddies. Though I am poly, I am not interested in casual play. I seek domination and mild to moderate sadism from a man. The ideal Daddy for me would be localish (I am in southeast Georgia so southern SC, north to Central FL, and all of GA are all potential options for localish); however, I am not ruling out the possibility of an LDR with an awesome Daddy who can travel and spend time with me several times a year at least, as long as he is secure in himself and our love to embrace my poly nature. 

WOMEN: She will be local to me to give me a regular physical connection (however, I am not opposed to a long distance emotional attachment that may allow occasional opportunities of connection in the future which is considered a "Comet" in poly terms). I have never been in a BDSM dynamic with a woman, though I am not opposed to the idea of trying, I am not aroused by the idea of a woman dominating me. I am just as open to being in a relationship with a woman as I am a man. I seek more of the sensually sexual side with a woman. My ideal woman will be polyamorous (ENM) or mono and able to embrace my poly nature, intelligent, confident, perfectly imperfect in all ways, enjoy being touched and kissed, be playful, enjoy laughing, confide in me knowing she will always be safe with me, and enjoy spending time with me being out and about. 

Open to (ENM) ethically non-monogamous (poly) individuals/couples who are able to communicate throughout the day and night (excluding work or meetings of course) via phone or online.
This does not mean we need to talk all day. It means you aren't hiding me from anyone. 

I am open to poly couples (with or without f/f), offering the opportunity to date each of them separately with the privacy that comes along with it, and them together as an equal partner, with limited "couples privilege" and who are highly compersive individuals. I know a bullshitter when I talk to them.

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The Cage Involvement

I have learned it is important to me that people who show interest in me become apart of this community to interact with me and my friends. In learning that lesson, I truly believe that my "future" is right here in this community. Maybe I know you. Maybe we're friends. Maybe we're past lovers. Maybe you've been here and we've never spoken. Maybe you are brand new here. Regardless, I do believe my "future" is here.

To my future loves: I want you to know I am becoming the best version of me that I can be for ME. I will love myself and be a whole woman and not a project for you to have to fix. I believe you are doing the same for me. You will be proud of who I am, and I know that I will be proud of who you are. Until we make that awesome realization, watch me be creative and play. Life is mine!

Final note: just because the light is on, doesn't mean I am home. I suck at logging out. 

BDSM and me
Introduced to BDSM 20+ years ago through an online community much like this one. 

I joined The Cage in June 2019. I was in consideration/training in 2 D/s situations, in a RL relationship with a Rigger DD/lg, and a M/s evolved to include DD/lg relationship. 

I learned most about being little in my third dynamic and was also introduced to rope which I enjoyed given he was a Rigger. I grew in my little role with my last dom. I am prominently little with a slave side that emerged with my last dom; however, I don't suggest submitting to slave status unless you have 100% of your Master 100% of the time; otherwise, it is dangerous emotionally should you find yourself without him (apply whichever pronoun fits for you). 

I am not interested in the scene playing side of life. I enjoy the relationship dynamic and want a lifelong, IRL relationship with kink woven into it.

Read: Mentoring/Advice 

Read: My BDSM Assessment with notes

Hard Limits
All typical limits, no animals, no one underage, no illegal acts, etc
other limits to be discussed between me and partner(s) and determined by mutual respect and review of a BDSM kinks survey.

What's new
06/05/2020 Started a kinky blog on Wordpress. "Follow me" there.
The Sensual Submissive

Updated BDSM assessment

04/2020 Staying safe in this "new world" of COVID-19. Using the time to learn more about myself, loving and sharing music, creating art and becoming the best version of myself I can be. 

03/2020 Focusing my efforts on growing my friendships with other submissives and "littles."
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Monday, June 24, 2019
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