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I am "little/middle," and more specifically "princess" to my Master/Daddy {MJS}. princess is sweet, affectionate, and very creative. She is also fiercely protective of her Daddy (though He doesn't really need my help). princess LOVES littles. She LOVES pink, shiny things. She has basically taken over all blogging, so she is going to get a shot at maintaining the blog for a while, if not indefinitely. She will focus on littles of all descriptions (kitties, puppies, bunnies, dragons, etc).

I enjoy sharing with my friends things I have created. I am a creative writer, artist, and amateur photographer. I geek out on pens, planners, journals, colorful office and art supplies (especially pink and glitter!) Some of my creations can be found throughout my blog, or you can message me if you're interested in sharing creative works.

I am dedicated and devoted to Mr. John Smith {MJS}. He is focusing on some professional writing He does outside The Cage, so I will also be limiting my time here as well.

I will not have time to mentor or give advice beyond to say 1) know who you are, 2) know what you want and be able to clearly and articulately describe both. Be able to identify the traits you are looking for in the case of a Dom not being able to articulate the same in return. 3) Start as friends and progress slowly, 4) Be raw and vulnerable. It is the way you grow. If they won't be r/v too, they aren't ready for "always & forever," so move on and don't waste your time if you are looking for forever. I can't give you advice on playing or preparing for scenes. I am in this for forever with MJS, so my experience is in the development of long-term, committed relationships. 5) The strongest piece of advice I can give you is to respect protocol here. Respect the collar. If there is a name in it, they are taken and you shouldn't message the opposite role. If you are a sub, contact the sub. Doms contact Doms. This shows you respect their relationship. You will have stronger friendships and future relationships with a respectful reputation. I wish you the best!

To any Doms that have been friends of mine, I will not be chatting or emailing. This is a personal code of mine, since MJS is not here regularly. Being the respectful Doms that you are, I know you respect and support my decision. Thank you for your friendship.

To MJS, my Master, my Daddy, the Love of my life, all that I do is always with Us in mind. You are my everything, and I am so happy to be Yours. Never to be released.

Final note: just because the light is on, doesn't mean I am home. I suck at logging out. Again, I am only here to blog for littles.

Songs for Master (feel free to share with your love)
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Tie Me Down

10,000 Hours

Body Back

All You Need To Know



One Thing Right

What If

This Feeling



Here With Me

In the Name of Love

All to Myself

Your Song



In Case You Don't Live Forever

Ease My Mind


Something Just Like This

In Your Arms

Better Than Ok
BDSM and me
Introduced to BDSM by a Dom when I was in my late 20s. I ran across a community, much like this one, where subs and slaves would keep journals, like our blogs. I was captivated, specifically by a slave who would document her day. She would document how much she weighed, what she ate, what her Master would allow her to eat or do for the day. Some of what I read completely blew my mind. Some even more extreme than what I've found here. Whether fact or fiction, I am not sure. Probably some of both. I wasn't interested in being a slave. I had the opportunity to discuss the lifestyle with a Dom, and he was very kind. He shared with me what to watch out for. I never pursued the life back then. I wish I had. I am glad my life now includes this amazing life and relationship dynamic along with each of my friends here.  Nearly 20 years later, and I find myself having a profile and maintaining a blog. I can't help but wonder if the Dom who helped me is here somewhere. I wish I remembered His name. I enjoy my Master/Dom/sub friends here. Your friendships contribute to my enjoyment of this lifestyle.  Thank you!
Master is responsible for my protection; therefore, no limits are necessary.
What's new
03/10/2020 - Master/Daddy and my second visit is on the calendar. 

01/27-31/2020 A wonderful visit with my Master/Daddy. More than I could have ever hoped for. I am such a lucky girl!! Master/Daddy, We are Us, FOREVER.

01/27/2020 Our first face-to-face visit. I CAN'T HARDLY WAIT! 5 days with my incredible Master/Daddy!!

01/01/2020 My first New Year with MJS.

12/25/2019 My first Christmas with MJS.

10/25/2019 Mr. John Smith (MJS) and I are ONE.
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Friday, February 7, 2020
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Monday, June 24, 2019
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