John Brownstone
dom male

Ocala, Florida, United States
Relationship status
In a polyamorous relationship
About me
I am many things and have worn many different hats throughout my life. What has remained constant is my love of reading, most free moments I have my nose in a book. Sci-Fi, fantasy, steampunk are just some of m favorites. Coffee, what can I say, coffee is my love language, always on hand, always in supply it is my drink of choice. I've owned my own business for many years, in a change of life a number of years ago I earned a degree in information Technology. These days I enjoy a slower pace of life and spend a good deal of my time in my wood shop. Wood turning on my lathe has become my passion; from turning pens, bowls, lidded boxes to making kinky impact toys I love it all.

I'm a big geek by nature, from movies to TV shows like Dr. Who, The Walking Dead, Star Trek, Star Wars, to Harry Potter and beyond.
BDSM and me
It was in 2005 that I discovered the BDSM Lifetstyle and never looked back. First online, while doing a search I came across a number of sites that talked about the BDSM lifestyle and I went down a rabbit hole. Later I found local people that loved the same thing I did and began attending munches and classes in the area and began embracing the kinky fucker that I am. Impact play is my first true love from paddles to floggers, and crops and canes I get such sadistic glee from the sounds and wiggles of a willing and consenting bottom.

More recently I have begun exploring both rope and electro play.
My hard limits are blood play, scat, needles, animals, and watersports.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2019
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Saturday, July 6, 2019
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