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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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I looking for a daddy or master Dom who is also looking for a real life relationship Following orders online is no different than masterbating and I can do that myself. Was in a sexless marriage for years so why would I choose online to continue that way of doing things If your looking to do online and not into moving quickly than I'm not your sub Come visit me.and let's see for real Just went thru this again yesterday I'm very new Very kinky and into most
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69 yr old woman who is brand new to 
I'm not going to pretend with you..I need to be
I am 420 friendly. 
Actually have had  a medical card for about 8 yrs.
Wear alot of how they feel under my clothing.or absolutely nothing under my dresses while looking completely classy. I haven't been able to have much if a sex life yet in fact maybe as much as the average teenager. But it's never too late to begin ...I dont look my age and it's my business  what age I begin.  Oh and Yes..I do love anal ..I love to have a  butt plug in my ass much as possible 
Wish I had one I could wear all the time.
I want to and need to follow what you tell me to do.l  want be your complete  whore and slut.

And I'm very tiny inside. I need to be VERY  attracted...more than usual I'm not..yes both ways .
BDSM and me

I have discovered although with the right Dom I could definitely be a combo. Just not those of you into the.extreme..i am very very interested in a daddy Dom . == Results from bdsmtest.or I don't really know anything about reading these. Very very int in ropes and being restrained.
No needles, blood, nipple clamps,all my muscles were ripped out and when I was 30 they reconstructed me. Came out beautifully except I don't have any of the wonderful feelings I want..instead only pain. They don't hurt all the time but when played with it agonizing. They said that I need to redo them again to eliminate this.,scat or to swallow pee... Will add as I learn them
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Monday, June 22, 2020
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Saturday, July 6, 2019
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