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Abstract and possibly like similar so we can work on projects together and continue the creativity that we both share.
BDSM and me
still learning and developing this craft/ lifestyle and do not like to be thought of as a strict dom . I can only be as controlling as the sub is submissive . I may not have many boundaries but excites me to explore these. Very into tantric and like to work with sensual touch , orgasm control, sensory deprivation. I need to learn more about knots and rope development . Experienced with verbal humiliation and mind control.

It helps if you have some experience with visualisation / meditation as it can take a very long time to adjust  to mind , body and spirit.

Preference to dress size 8 to 10 petite, curves or slim / athletic 

Would like to explore bondage more , not just buying more equipment but just exploring the partners fetishes or fantasies , discussing them , learning to listen to her and collaborate/ merge the fantasies to an exciting level of excitement, anticipation , denial and learning and developing or re visiting that experience so there is a contact contact of trust and fulfilment. 

 genuine and softly spoken - 
I think there have been a few opportunities lost just by over judgement and lack of trust or  old fashioned get up and go .

Also I am very interested in the energetics of the body and really feel it is good to do some clearing before or with the partner to cleanse the energy. I mean go for a walk somewhere in nature , or chat in the garden , swim or a nice sauna . To feel a connection or allow one to develop.

Theres a possibility there is no fence for some women, saying the are their own bus sin the day, I have met some that I feel are more Dom than sub but just do not know- they use it to relax rather than to work with the dom and share their mind. I have lost confidence slightly and have had a break from it . One sub just used me while I picked her up from work and gradually became less feminine and more butch? she ended up wearing fluffy pink jump suits ! when I prefer nylon pantyhose to spank ...just being honest.
Only have to wear them for 45 minutes if it bothers you a is massage your back and acupuncture meridians with special oils , medicinal or just sensual a is find the mystery of taoist healing interesting and I,m not claiming anything .
Also I,m late 40,s so in some ways I,m experienced but I have not been with a sub for a long term, the longest being 6 months- last thing I want is to appear a "Jack the Lad" of all bdsm. I like to learn with somebody as much a teach what I know .
To play an instrument is submissive, to develop and owe ones mind and body to make a tune, melody that takes years and years. A musician perhaps has more tolerance and lacks rudeness, fakeness and increases strength and resilience over time.
no std,s blood, violence or stalking
What's new
I can only reply to what someone writes yet will throw in a trigged point subconsciously to test them This usually ends in them saying they think I am drunk, or quick replies like..okaaay rather than " Sir, I do not understand" It is okay not to understand someone, we are very complicated people living in patterns we are used to. Connection not relationship . A relationship is not a connection. I,m single currently , not desperate and also feel a slight victim to be honest . I am beginning to feel I am not really suitable for this or any site really and perhaps better finding someone outside. Maybe I already have?
Remember it is also a business for merchandise- I will not speak the jargon , equipment is exciting and impressive to photograph but also I s a trip to the coast with a nice car seat ! can be leather but we are here to just let it be a guide and create our own identities and paths. To also lose or leave our identities and create , reform new ones. Emails, messages really how can you really connect with each other unless you speak eye to eye or just look without talk. The body knows , intuition more than words -trying to get an answer that reflects a question- how really do you know?
How can we be judged in just one morning?
If one is successful, good looking, kind, experienced-wise in life can adapt a bdsm lifestyle - read and lean from forums-why do we reply so immediately rather than grow to understand each other- even through mail? it is so on and off. If one has similar interests whether kink to begin with that may follow a deeper growth why not show and demonstrate patience , longevity and human intuition.
I don't think I will meet anyone on here as I write very different to how I speak , it is very sad because it is the spaces in between the words sometimes. I strongly feel language is a huge barrier for this subject..there is also distance , space and time to consider. If two people are single, similar age , interests , physically comparable and have decided not to know each other more just because they didn't,t understand what someone has read maybe have missed a really big part of their life.
Word of advise- time is so short, never under estimate somebody through words .. just because they ae abstract doesn't mean they didn't,t study at Oxford - or maybe they didn't ? but over time most people develop skills where stigmas try to insert upon them. We are all developing and it is about compromise , even if the BDSM isn't a direct connection maybe your both great friends and lover anyway you silly fools..like me !!

Decided to upgrade myself and ask for models, dolls , subs , Doms (poss) and work with them but not naked or nudity only semi clothed and poss the end result being two pieces , one a figurative and the 2nd an abstract expressionist of that person which we both own
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