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Montana, United States
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35 year old male just recently getting back into the swing of it use to run with a very oldschool bdsm crowd manors were big thing amongst them anyways im really egear in finding a highly receptive and patient subbmissive willing to learn and try new things and help me shake off my rust im highly open minded by all means don't be shy i sure as heck am not ;)
Im a gothic furry nerd if you dont like it move on the only one i will ever change for is myself ill never change for someone elses agenda did that once amd found it was not worth the frustration trying to please someone else just be with someone you either accept all of me or none of me its not rocket science
BDSM and me
Things i have tried role reversal, role play, age play(nothing under 18) biting,scratching,water sports,tpe,waxplay,lightcore/softcore exobisthionism,tieing,
No scat no vomit no knife play no burn play and for the love of odinn if its illegal heavly illegal drugs or along those lines dont bother thats a straight hard f no
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If a dark twisted sense of humor is an early warning sign of demntia well f $*% im screwed XD
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Monday, August 12, 2019
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Monday, August 5, 2019
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