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if you base laws of attraction on looks yiff off i don't need your conversation your friendship your proving based on your judgement of my looks that your level of intellect is equal to nothing more then self gratification and you can take that pornographic education to a dating site and keep that devolved thinking away from me.....

If a dark twisted sense of humor is an early warning sign of demntia well f $*% im screwed XD ....
What i seek is knowledge you'll have to earn

If you don't/didn't want to be around me at my worst then why the hell should you be around me at my best

I think there for i am not but a being of my own existence of my own realm in a plane beyond the existence of mortal man

When a man learns to love, he must bare the risk of hate...

If you're going to judge me before you even know me don't bother you are just going to waste my time as well as your own time and i have a severe alergy to bsĀ 
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Friday, November 22, 2019
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