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It seems that getting this right takes some time and patience. Getting in touch with one’s self is not as easy as one would hope. I always knew I was different, as I would have these thoughts and desires, not quite sure what to do with them as they were not the “norm” so I put them back into a neat little box until the next time the wrapping came undone a bit. I thrive on knowledge and learning, curious by nature, loyal and loving, strong and sassy. Since joining this community I’ve discovered more about myself than I could’ve imagined possible in such a short period of time. My goal is to delve further into what drives me, to be the best version of myself I can.

I am naturally submissive and a nurturer, having a deep-seated need to serve and I have uncovered a bit of little as well. I am not a brat, but with the wrong Dom it would seem that I am, as I question many things, if only to understand. Its simply my self-protective side keeping me grounded and aware, until I can find Him. Completely tactile, therefore in real life only would work for me. I would need some sort of regular interaction to sustain my needs, be in contact with Him.

It’s going to take just the right type of Dom to help me grow and learn, more likely a Master would be a better fit. I will not respond well to arrogance or force, no pics or play, no rights of ownership because we’re chatting. You must get to know me and I will learn about you. To be compatible with me, MY Dominant must be strict yet flexible, willing to give and take at times, sensual, tender, loving and protective. With Him, I will unfold all that I am and He will understand that I need to feel safe and cherished and protected, and then He will have my heart, my mind and my body, total submission to Him and only Him. He will have to be patient and consistent but once my trust is earned, I will give Him the world. He will always know that He will be the center of my world, and I will be devoted to Him always. And on the days that He needs a break because life just is just too hard for a moment, He’ll be comfortable enough to let me drive....
BDSM and me
I am a masochist, as I do enjoy a rather intense spanking/whipping/flogging/paddling. I’m just beginning to discover what I need and greatly anticipating learning what my limits and additional kinks might be. Would like to explore bondage, orgasm control, different methods of punishment and teasing/torture and learning how to be what MY Dom needs, while He gives me what I need. With Him, the possibilities are endless.
No permanent marks, breath play, edge play, children, animals, illegal, blood or bathroom play. Others to be determined between myself and MY Dom.
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Self discovery...Just looking to make new friends for the time being
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Sunday, November 10, 2019
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