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29 years old, submissive,
BDSM and me
Being a brat is who I am. I need a strong Dom to grip me up sometime and to get me in line. I am a sub I have limits clearly stated some may be added over time. Willing to learn more that even comes with my believes. Thing that will keep me on my feet and Happy are Rope: bondage on me to where movement wont happen and no hard point needed or hard point tie to i will even adventure to off the ground ties if you know a few knotts giggles. I like wax play having wax put on tho the skin and a knife to peel it off is the most relaxing thing every to me. Viloten wands feel amazing only limit is on my nipple when they have jewrel. Pet play I like as well. Flogger are a must beat me with them i like the feeling on the thud hit my skin. Cane are not my friend they seem to get me skin and muslce so i tend to flench. Paddels are in diffrent I gusset it depend on how much trouble I am in giggle brat side here. I like pain and can handle it if it the right mind set. I like to give orgams control over to Dom and not have to think on it. The mind to not to think is where I like to be or to know what to think from knowning my Dom. If that make sense to you. 
Snot, Animals,
children, Gun play,
pee, scat,
permanent marks,
blood loss, mentally damage,
 Human tracking,
Illegal items

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