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Easton, Pennsylvania, United States
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I am a 25yr old Dom (Straight not into guys) I am also 6'2
Hoping to find a serious relationship, and to become a dad eventually with a obedient and loving submissive wife but that's down the road.
I am an honest guy by nature ask me what you want ill tell you the truth, I believe these kinds of relationships are built on complete trust an in my mind its a requirement for any d/s relationship or just any relationship in general.
I am pretty jokey and have a relaxed attitude toward most subjects but i get serious when it matters.
Some of my hobbies are Classic cars, smoking cigars and a pipe now and again,shooting, anime (yes i'm a geek too) and plenty of normal stuff.
Also i can talk about anything so don't be afraid to share your darker fantasies or just pm me for a friendly chat i love to talk.
BDSM and me
I have a lot of kinks like breeding (impregnation/pregnancy)(no I don’t have kids and no I’m not looking to just knock up anybody I see), choking, bondage and a host of others, but i still am very caring toward those i know. 
I've know i was a dominate man since before high school, and I've always been more sexually adventurous and romantic then guys my age.
when it comes to what i am looking for in a submissive I would say care and love is the first things i want kinky stuff is secondary to an actually connection for me though i do show my love through trying ... maybe not allways succeeding but trying to be sexy and make my sub feel sexy.
I have normal limits but respect a subs limits though i may try to extend those if she is interested in testing herself
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Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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