Chocolate Thunder
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Michigan, United States
About me
Straight, 52 y.o. 6'7" tall, Black/Puerto Rican/Caucasian/American Indian I am into sports, MMO's, kind of a tech nerd. I enjoy all things related to technology. I like to read although not as much as I should. Former massage therapist. I love sci-fi, and fantasy. I am also a cat person. Black puma is my favorite. Rare and the ultimate PRIMAL which describes me to a T! Fun fact about me when i was MUCH younger, I played Frankenfurter. Bonus points if you know what I am referring to!
BDSM and me
A little over two years, I am a Dom/Master/Daddy. I am kind but firm. I believe the term is Gentleman Dom. I appreciate that a subs gift is not to be taken lightly or advantage of. That BDSM is a journey where we learn and hopefully end up fulfilling each others needs/wants. Only have been monogamous but I am always willing to learn. I believe in contracts and rules are meant to be followed.
I DO NOT and will not switch and am Heterosexual. I know my role and am secure in it. Not looking to train any males.
What's new
I have tried to foster a LDR and I must say it is tough. It takes a lot of patience and imagination to keep things fresh. Not sure it is for me as I crave the intimacy of human contact. *Update* Met my potential finally and things did not go as planned. Was not horrible, just horrible timing. One of those things where if we had met in person a month earlier, things would have turned out drastically different. She is an amazing person. I wish her the best. A goodbye kiss is probably the most painful thing to have linger...
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Saturday, January 18, 2020
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