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Update October 2020:
I went quiet on this site for a little while. I'd entered a relationship so I didn't feel it was right to continue to use the site (fairly obvious I guess, but it had to be said). Unfortunately that didn't work out. I've been single for four months, so I'm just putting myself out there again.
For clarity: No children, no dependents, no ties. I'm happy to meet anyone from anywhere - UK ideally but I have no issues with relocating for the right owner.


Well, I guess it's probably time to fill this profile out a little after the amount of time I've been lurking.
So, as of the last day of 2017, this is me:

I'm a 47 year old guy with a reasonable amount of experience in this wonderful thing we call kink. I've been around long enough to suss out the fakes and scammers, but not long enough to become jaded (IMHO). I'm here, as the name suggests to find that elusive, perfect, Female Led Relationship.
I have no set ideas as to how that would play out, we're all individulas after all. I think the best way I can describe what I'm after is a complete role reversal of the 1950's household. Whereas the man used to hold all the power back then, in my ideal relationship, she would. What I don't want is the whole 'kneel bitch' scenario.
I see submissive women in relationships, and I do have to admit to some jealousy. Their Doms/Master/Owners treat them with love and respect whilst being very obviously in charge. Why is that same thing so hard to find when the boot is on the other foot? Why do so many women think that outright abuse is what male subs want? OK I'll admit, it may be the fault of most male subs actually wanting that, but I don't.

I'm happy to be 'the man' in everyday vanilla life, I'm happy to make first contact when I see a profile of someone I like on a fet site, but beyond that I want to be the 1950's girl/wife who knows her place. Please note, that doesn't mean I want to cross dress, I'd look absolutely riduiculous. Unfortunately I do look very 'manly' and nothing will be able to change that. So if I ever meet someone who wants me to do that it would very much be in the realms of humiliation play!

It's the power exchange that gets me going. Think back to a 1950's husband (and the era isn't really important, it's the power he holds). He has a loving wife at home, attending to his every need. It's almost expected that if she messes up then he'll discipline her. Sexually, she's there to meet his needs, not the other way around. If he feels he needs more than her than he'll take a mistress and she just has to deal with that. Sh could never take a lover of course.
All of that is what I want. Talk to me if you're interested to learn more....
BDSM and me
One word. Reality.

I'm not interested in online relationships (unless it's just as friendship). I'm not interested in role play, I want this for real.

If you challenge me, I'll fight until you win. Make no mistake, I'm no pushover. I won't let you win easily, but when (and if) you do, I will be so worthwhile.
Only the usual. Kids. Scat. Animals.

I do have soft limits, but they're to be explored and stretched.
I wasn't going to mention the ones that really shouldn't be mentioned - death, serious injury etc, but I guess you really do need to sometimes!
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Oct 9, 2020
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Jun 13, 2017
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