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Columbus, Ohio, United States
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Hi! I am a 20 year old female sub new to BDSM. I have no real experience but I have an idea of what I want and have done my research. I am looking for a Dom to guide me and teach me more about this lifestyle. I would like to start online at first and then move to real life when we are both comfortable. Please read my profile for more information and don't be afraid to shoot me a message! Looking forward to hearing from you:)
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Hi i'm a 20 year old college student in Ohio and I recently learned about Dom/sub relationships and really want to try it out. Im looking for someone to guide me and teach me about these relationships and maybe be my Dom. :). I constantly travel between Ohio and California. A little about me besides that: I hope to get my master's degree after graduation and travel around the world as an archaeologist or museum curator. I enjoy writing, poetry, earl grey tea, anime, and painting. Some of my favorite conversation topics are plants, space, and mythology. I am pretty shy but don't be afraid to shoot me a message. I open up more once I warm up to you.
BDSM and me
I have done some research into the subject and I think I have a good grasp of what I am interested in. I have no real experience though. I can tell a real Dom from a fake Dom quite easily. I am interested in a real life relationship but would like to start online and see if we're the right fit.
Into choking, hair pulling, light pain, bondage, dirty talk, praise, and more. There are many things I would like to experiment with and learn about.
I have been in control my entire life and I need someone to help me lose that control. I identify as a submissive, little, and brat. I have a need to please, I am eager, and I am curious. That said, I am also an extremely cautious and suspicious person.

results from the BDSM test:
100 % Brat
100% Submissive
94% Degradee
90% Rope Bunny
79% Girl
76% Masochist
Do not message me acting like my Dom when you are not. Treat me with respect until I ask you not to. You cannot control me, boss me around, give me pet names, or tell me what to do until you become my Dom or we agree to experiment. Other limits will be discussed when the time comes. Do not message me if you do not believe in aftercare or safe words. My hard limits are absolute and are not to be pushed. There is also a difference between confidence and cockiness. One is attractive, the other is not. Please keep that in mind and be respectful when messaging me. I wish I did not have to say this but unfortunately I do. I also am not interested in quick hookups or sexting. This is not the site for that sort of thing
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Thursday, November 19, 2020
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Saturday, October 26, 2019
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