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I am a 5'5" tall natural redhead who is recently divorced after 16 years. I was a SAHM (Stay-at-home-mom) for the majority of that time.

Currently, I am enrolled in continuing education classes which will certify me to work as a Sterile Processing Technician with hopes of moving on from there to become a Surgical Technologist.

My life has not been easy. For those who know what they are, I have quite a few ACE's but over time, have come to learn how to change past patterns to handle the in a healthy manner.
BDSM and me
I call myself an "Intelligent Brat" because I don't do glitter nor do I play those minuscule tricks that I've read that other brats do. My inner brat gets triggered when my Dom needs to be put back into his Dom frame-of-mind. I will challenge him. I will laugh at his frustration at a world that isn't cooperating, or I will delay my response time. One caveat....I am not above sticking my tongue out at him.

I also call him out on his shit when he isn't fulfilling his duties. My Sir has a military history which has trained him to take command but it has also left him scared. I use my Brat to help him through those times and once his dominance is directed (safetly) back at me, I purr like a kitten.

I have never been active in the community before him but have explored kink in vanilla relationships and discovered that it has some very therapeutic uses.

Blessedly, we have very open and frank communications and I am used to being a MilSo, which allows me to understand his background easily and compensate for the rough edges.
Wooden spoons, rulers, and hairbrushes during impact play. Electro-sex, needles (if I want a needle, I'll goto a tatto parlor, NOT the bedroom), cutting, tails, age-play, minors, multiple partners. I. DO. NOT. SHARE!

Ask, and you MAY receive, however, no means no. If you push me on it or continue to ask, I walk....end of story.
What's new
I have experienced my first Sens-dep and I am thrilled with the results! Yes please!!

UPDATE 11/10/19
Sir needs me to learn calligraphy so....I bought my first set today. I diggin' it and I find it quite meditative. I've spent the last several hours practicing and it feels like just a few minutes. Where'd the sun go?

UPDATE 11/15/19

A sad day for me. For my own safety, I've had to break things off with my Dom. He got drunk and got abusive. Choke hold, strangulation, attempted rape.

I'm still raw.
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Saturday, November 16, 2019
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