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Rockville, Maryland, United States
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Young guy looking for a mistress in MD to sexually dominate me IRL
Hoping to find a Mistress in Maryland who is interested in starting a D/s relationship with me so I can explore and experience some of my deepest fetishes and kinks! Here's a little about myself and my interests. Hopefully they align with yours so we can make something happen. About Me: White male // 21yo // 6'1", 160lbs // 5.5" penis, not particularly noteworthy tbh compassionate, intelligent, warm, and a glass half full type of person drug and disease free // well groomed // strongly introverted Interests(in rough order of importance to me): strong oral fixation, oral sex, kissing licking body parts, gags // rope bondage, cuffs, spreader bars and more // facesitting / queening male chastity, I self lock pretty frequently, have yet to find a key holder // sensory deprivation // anal/pegging spanking / light stinging // light interest in watersports // some other stuff I've probably forgotten I also enjoy the entire genre of gentle femdom, I love acts of affection mixed in with my torture Location: Montgomery County, MD // I can't host, sorry. I'll be able to meet halfway though. About you: Female, ideally white but that's not very important to me // 21-40 yo, soft upper limit // reasonably decent shape and well groomed drug and disease free // caring but stern, upbeat person // can host or can travel halfway Thanks for reading. I hope to hear from my new mistress soon!
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M22 sub looking for a mistress in MD for me to worship and service on demand. Also looking to visit some BDSM clubs in the future!
BDSM and me results:

99% ----- Rope Bunny
94% ----- Voyeur
79% ----- Slave
69% ----- Experimentalist
65% ----- Switch
64% ----- Degradee
63% ----- Boy/Girl (Little)
63% ----- Exhibitionist
63% ----- Non-monogamist
63% ----- Submissive (I think this should be higher)
56% ----- Masochist
53% ----- Rigger
43% ----- Vanilla
42% ----- Daddy/Mommy
39% ----- Brat
38% ----- Degrader
36% ----- Pet
31% ----- Age-player
23% ----- Dominant
13% ----- Brat Tamer
11% ----- Primal (Hunter)
11% ----- Sadist
  2% ----- Primal (Prey)
  1% ----- Master/ Mistress
  0% ----- Owner
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Toilet play
Underage participants
Exhibition for non-bdsm people
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Saturday, January 11, 2020
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Friday, November 22, 2019
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