Temecula, California, United States
Trans Woman
About me
I am a submissive 65-year-old gender-fluid, pre-op/non-op transgendered woman. I have lived and worked 24/7 for two years as a woman but am not currently. I've joined The Cage to change that status as it is my desire to be collared by a dominant master to be his live-in sissy. I can and am willing to relocate for the right master.

I have some skills as a graphic artist. The photo here is a composite. It shows me walking down a catwalk of a unique fashion show. The models are all 55+ and gender fluid. Each has been fully-feminized and are modeling vintage and retro fashions. In my case here I'm wearing a recreation of the iconic 1965 Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian Dress. It is a composite image of a real photo of me wearing my recreated Mondrian Dress overlaid on a photo of an empty catwalk, being outed as a transgendered model for the fashion editorial press and photographers to appear on fashion magazines, websites and blogs.

There must be a man reading this that will enjoy taking control of my feminization in such a way. If you would, please reach out to me.
BDSM and me
My BDSM hot buttons are submission, forced-feminization, and humiliation to a dominant master. I desire to be collared as part of entering into a real live-in TPE relationship with the precondition to moving in with my master, I agree to live 24/7 as his submissive sissy.
While almost everyone has limits of some sort, I recognize that when collared, I will have few. I desire that my feminization be complete to the level desired by my master. I do ask that I be broken down, stripped of my toxic masculinity, and be displayed as a fully-feminized sissy. I desire that this feminization process be forced and that I be humiliated in incremental steps to where I get to the point of no return where I no longer care who knows of what I have become.
What's new
I will try to update my profile as my experience here moves forward.
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Monday, June 8, 2020
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Sunday, November 24, 2019
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