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Please, Sir: Would you consider being my Dad?
I am a weak-willed, badly-behaved, middle-aged boy-man who is not very grown-up, despite my age. After many years of confusion, I have finally realized that I need a strong masculine authority in my personal life to help me with my most important goal, which is to become a Good Boy. I know that I need to be monitored, mentored, punished when I rebel, rewarded when I obey, trained, supervised, and strictly controlled. My hope is to be controlled by a kind and benevolent Dad who will bring out the best in me with paternal affection and understanding. But I also know that Dad's expectations and rules will naturally be backed up with strict enforcement, and that I can expect painful and humiliating correction if I am causing a problem or am out of line. I believe this relationship can be meaningful and worthwhile for both of us even though I regret that it must happen only on-line. I have a conventional job and a vanilla public life that I must maintain. So to protect my secret life, I cannot share pictures or identifying personal details. I suppose you might want to keep your identity private from me too. But I don't think the relationship has to suffer because of that. Because what I am really seeking is submission, not sex--though if you want to use me for your sexual pleasure, it would make me very happy to be able to serve you in that way. But I hope it might be pleasing for you just to know that you are controlling and shaping another person's life--a person who really needs your control. Here is what I can promise you: I will obey your orders. I will report to you regularly. I will honestly confess my sins and mistakes to you. when you order me to punish myself, believe me, Dad, that wooden paddle is going to hurt me just as much as if you were here and it was in your hands. I will seek your love and forgiveness, and fear your displeasure. I will serve you. And my greatest happiness will be those occasions when I hope to hear you tell me that I have been a Good Boy. If this kind of relationship is interesting to you, then please let me know, so we can begin to learn about each other and decide if we are a good match. Thank you for reading this, Dad, and for considering me.
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Middle-aged. Married once, years ago. Now I'm on my own. Fairly well educated, but mostly do physical work. Overweight. The last time I was pretty was when I was a teenager. But I still think like a teenager.
BDSM and me
I'm one of those people who knew I was submissive even in elementary school, long before I knew what sex was. Service and surrender give me such joy that I have to pretend that I don't have those feelings, or else I would never be allowed to make my way in the conventional world.
Things likely to cause real permanent damage, or that are considered criminal even in liberal communities, or that would threaten my vanilla public life.
What's new
Well, poor me! I was dreaming I would be getting to know my new Dad before the new year, but so far only a few nibbles. (Still hoping for the bite that will yank me right into the ocean.) I need to remember that good things come to those who wait.

I am learning that there are plenty of very desirable Dominant Dads in the sea who would love to have a submissive boy-man like me to love and who would love them back. But most Dads only want the submissive who will move in with them or at least meet flesh-to-flesh. And although I wish I could do that, it just isn't possible for me.

Still, I just know that my long-distance Dad is out there somewhere. A man who will be just as happy to own me with his words as he would by physically touching me. And I think I can make him happy with my words too. As the lyric of the old song says: "I know I could... always be good... to one who'd watch... over me."

One thing, Dad, that I should mention in particular: I am emotionally ready to pierce my cock for you with a captive ring that I will then be able to fasten to the inside of a chastity cage to make it truly escape-proof. So whenever you tell me to stick my penis in there and click it shut and send you a picture showing the numbered security tag fastened to it, you will know that you really are in control of my squirting, and that I am really going to have to accept your decision whether I feel like it or not.

And I want to save the occasion of that piercing, so that ring will be just for you and me.

And here's something else too: We could be right for each other whether you are gay or straight. Or something in between. I know there are a lot of older, happily married, heterosexual Dads in this world who are curious about getting to know a boy-man in a way that would not really affect their relationship with their wife and family. Which is all good with me. And I think the kind of relationship I'm suggesting is pretty safe for everyone concerned.

Anyway, Dad, thanks for considering me. And if you are interested, I hope you won't take too long to give me a try. I guess I'll be here until someone takes me. Trying my best to be a Good Boy.

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Monday, December 23, 2019
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