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London, England, United Kingdom
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New Dom looking for a sub to help me get grip of the reins, maybe quite literally ;)
I've been role-playing BDSM and sex and stuff for a while but I've never been part of a website this professional/serious into the BDSM scene. According to one of the users it's pretty different from role-playing BDSM, so I'm looking for a sub to teach me how to be a better Dom, sometimes the best way to please a customer is to ask them what would please them!
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Just a guy who lives in London trying to explore BDSM and trying to unleash/grow his dominant side.
BDSM and me
Started role-playing with sex and my dominant side through Kik and Reddit, it's been very good to gain experience through it but the amount of good role-playing females are very rare on the sub Reddit I use so I'm hoping to have more luck here whilst also gain even more experience and potentially something serious too.
I guess we can find out one once you message me ;)
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Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Sunday, December 22, 2019
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