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Hi.. Hey... Hello ?❤

My name is Lorianna but you can call me Anna.. Is that my real name... You will have to see. So about me.. I am gonna throw a good bit at you. Some may decide to message me and some may think I'm not worth a second glance. That is your issue not mine.. So here goes.

I am a 37 year old mother of two Sons. My pride and joy... They are not small children. So don't worry my oldest is graduating soon and off to college and my other is headed that way in a few short years.. Now that I have gotten that out of the way and your still reading... Awesome!

I am a very loving person, sweet and usually don't meet a stranger. I try to be kind to everyone. I know horrible in this day and age right. I am an emergency 911 operator and dispatcher for the sheriffs office.. I've seen bad things, heard bad things... Things that I lose sleep over.. I worry constantly.. Stressed to the max..

I came to this place by accident. I am a reader and I love my romances especially the ones with the dominant men and oh the Daddy Doms are to die for..

Ohhhhh... I have been here almost 3 full days and I have met some great guys and some that make me very nervous to say the least. Just know when you come into my little chat. I'm not a fool. There is no reason to talk down to me. I won't be letting you pick out my panties after 3 hours of chat. I have major trust issue.... Walls ...with that being said. I have never had a Dom. I have wanted to venture into the lifestyle. I want to see if this thing I'm feeling is just me being crazy. Or this need I have is something real.. I don't know really where to start.. If you can help me great.. I look forward to talking to you..
No drugs, nothing illegal. No scat. No urine. Not into blood.
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