Macchinetta Dom
dom male

About me
On my erlier 30's.
Good guy with big smile.
Love people and working with them.
BDSM trainar for all sexes and genders.

I will transform your's physical and mental submission to energies that empowers your's body and soul. 
I will break and rebuild you as a better person for my use and your life
Love the tears in your shut-eyes while you trying to get more of me but can't, However, slowly-but-surely through hard work - you will be able to get more.
BDSM and me
At first you are hole, or a useable-tool for all my wishes (in your limits).
Later, when we fill comfortable, you will become my toy.
I love and protect my toys, and use them a lot.
Wish to be my toy? Earn it!

Prepare yourself:
You will have to use your mouth perfectly: thank ,hand-kiss ,suck, lick, blow, gurgle and swallow every drop.
You will have to use your hands perfectly: massage, stroking, handjob.
You will have to use your brain perfectly: trust, rely, understanding your position, release mental shields and rise!
Don't contact me if you: 
-Less than 20
-More thant 40 (women up-to 50)
-Wish for Scat Bleeding Needling Choking Feminiezed sessions
-Have no minimal aesthetic 
-Avoid safe sex
-Stuipd Brat
-Follow religion or ideology that hates anybody
-Can't suffer pain and marks
-Try to domminate in my sessions
-Send me "hi" 
-Have blank profile
-Think that we are frinds. We not! (yet)
What's new
Looking for new women and men toys.
Sub-couples and Sub-trannies are more than welcome.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2018
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017
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