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67 year old 2 tour Vietnam Veteran, nuclear weapons and power plant technician, non degree engineer. Part of the team responsible for the fabrication of floatglass metal impingement technology,  used in high rise buildings. The gold and silver metal UHV insulation types. Basically I am responsible for saving aprox. $87 Billion a year in fossil fuel. Multiply that by the 22 of us involved in the fabrication of the 5 machines in the world that supply the metal impingement glass you might appreciate that we did this in the 1980's. Basically John Carry can kiss my butt ! Climate Czar LOL. West Point graduate son, on active duty. First wife a porn star.

I seek a female or females for intense longterm captivity and subjugation, enslavement. Masochistic towards pain and discipline eagerly seeking enlargement of all body piercings. Silenced, rigidly bound and periodically forced to endure hundreds of orgasms, to unconscious, squirting, shitting or just complete mental break down. 

Hooded usage modeling of my dungeon for friends and fellow sadists both male and female. If you can see yourself as the muse of a perverted old man with a 150+IQ,  then apply. 

Guest speaker for UCSF on bondage, sadomasochistic relationships, captivity,  torture techniques and last but certainly never least, suspension as related to sensory deprivation. 
BDSM and me
A listener, no means no. Love to introduce new or more intense bondage or discipline and torture. A stringently bound, sensory deprived female writhing in agony or ecstasy is the most beautiful example of femininity imaginable ! If an extended session includes both of these sensations then I would feel successful in providing them to a woman that needs to feel what I offer to her.
Death, shit (other than enemas, for cleansing ass play or sex).
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I created the Adashi Triangle Piercing in 1987, taught it to Fakir Musafar, who taught Jim Ward of Gauntlet Enterprises. But lots of folks claim to have created this piercing but the SF BDSM community knows that it was me. I still do piercings, had pre-med so much better on Anatomy than your average piercing studio guy.
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Sep 13, 2022
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Jan 21, 2020
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